Proposed Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Federal safety officials recommend a ban on talking and texting while driving.
2:37 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Proposed Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving
An action -- being recommended by the government's top safety officials that could affect almost every American. A ban on all cell phone use while driving so many of us talk and text on the road putting everyone in danger. ABC's Dan Harris is on the road. With more on this morning -- Robin good morning G over the backseat of a moving car on the streets of Manhattan I am as I said in the backseat in honor of this radical shift that the feds are proposing they say we need to be in the back -- -- riding shotgun if you want to use your cell phone in a moving vehicle. And that includes if you're using a hands free device. This is exactly what federal officials are hoping to avoid -- the bus driver take -- -- off the road look at his phone. And seconds later slammed into an SUV. Pictures like this provoking the National Transportation Safety Board to propose a ban on all personal electronic devices while driving. That goes well beyond laws in some states that require hands free devices for drivers using cell phones. This is a total ban on any talking or texting -- we know that accidents happen in the blink and -- you never know what call. What text are what post could be your last if you're doing it behind the -- Distracted drivers many of them on their cell phones caused more than 3000 deaths last year alone. Case in point says the NTSB this sickening pileup in 2010. Deadly accident in Missouri. Involving a teenage pickup driver who received eleven text messages in the eleven minutes before this accident with school buses. Two people died. When your texting while driving your eyes leave the road for an average of five said settle at 55 miles an hour that's essentially driving blind the lent them an entire football field. When ABC news correspondent Lisa stark went on a racetrack in Connecticut with her phone she slowed down in hidden twice as many cold. 90% of drivers say they support a ban on texting and 60% say they support a ban on cellphone -- but clearly many drivers do not always practice what they -- People think they can drive safely. Doing this or doing this and you can't. Back now on the streets of Manhattan Chelsea clear the NTSB does not have any power to pass any laws that is up to individual state government so there may not be any. Major changes anytime soon. Federal officials say they know their proposal is perhaps deeply unpopular but they needed to do this now in order to start a discussion. -- back to you. Yes unpopular proposal necessary all right then take you.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Federal safety officials recommend a ban on talking and texting while driving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15151891","title":"Proposed Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving","url":"/GMA/video/proposed-ban-cell-phone-driving-15151891"}