Protect Yourself From Devious Pickpockets

ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports on some tips that may help you protect yourself when shopping.
2:31 | 05/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protect Yourself From Devious Pickpockets
"Gma" up vest Gates. Today, how to protect from pick pockets wile you're shopping. While you're cruising the aisles, pick pockets are watching you. Cecilia Vega has the details. Reporter: Take a look. Coral Springs police say this video shows a woman attempting to steal another woman's wallet right in the middle of a busy grocery store. Watch as he up zips another woman's purse but quickly moves away. Spl she realizes there's numerous people watching. So she backs off. Reporter: She did not give up. Follows the same woman to another area of the store. Check out the top right corner of your screen. Police say she just took her wallet. Police say these videos show theft rings in action. In San Diego last near, watch as this unsuspecting shopper turned away from her kaurt. The man on the right sees his chance, takes her wallet, and hides it under a tote bag. He's got to do it just when she's reaching. Reporter: Professional pick pocket bob arnault knows the game. He's getting her purse while she's getting her fruit. He showed "Gma" up vest Gates just how easy we can make it for pick pockets. Take a look as he and his wife, Bambi, distract these people. The woman on the right leaves her purse on her chair. Bob swoops in. Did you have any idea what he was doing right behind you? No. Reporter: Watch on the right as he takes the other woman's purse. Oh! Reporter: How much of this is about your quick fingers? How much of this is about just them not paying attention? I think it's more about them not paying attention. Reporter: Tip number one, don't be distracted by nice conversation from someone who appears well dressed. How do you not become a victim. Show me your purse? It's fairly safe. Always here. Never on behind me like this, never. Reporter: That's tip number two. Keep your belongings in your line of sight. Tip three, keep your wallet and phone in the bottom of your purse, not the top. For "Good morning America," Cecilia Vega, ABC news, Phoenix. All right. Thank you. All the people in the piece knew they were being taped as part of an ABC shoot. They didn't know what for. No laws were broken.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports on some tips that may help you protect yourself when shopping. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31330994","title":"Protect Yourself From Devious Pickpockets","url":"/GMA/video/protect-devious-pickpockets-31330994"}