Protect yourself from flu and illness this season

This season's flu vaccine appears to only be 10 percent effective so follow these tips to stay healthy.
2:29 | 12/24/17

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Transcript for Protect yourself from flu and illness this season
Let's talk about something a little less pleasant. A health risk. Travel, parties, visits with the family. A perfect storm for getting sick. Flu cases are climbing. Check this out. Here's the latest happen from the CDC. Showing the levels of flu-like activity. Dr. Jennifer Ashton joins us now with more on how to protect yourself. What do we need to know about staying healthy and virus-free? Listen, Mary and Dan, these are the three viruses I want to put on everyone's radar during the holiday season. Come cold. Influenza. And nor virus. A bad actor. Hits hard and fast. Will keep you in the bathroom for 12 to 24 hours. Can be difficult to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu. With the flu in general, we tend to see high temperatures, severe headaches. Body aches. Coughs. Simp symptoms that go full body and below the neck. The common cold, generally no temperature. Sore throat. Congestion, coughing, sneezing. Symptoms above the neck. What do we know about how bad the flu season is and how effect I the vaccine may be? It's not looking good. The CDC puts out cases every week. We report them with about a one to two-week delay. On the map, 12 states in the country reporting widespread flu activity. We did not expect the flu vaccine that looks like it is only 10% effective. It is well matched. But something probably happened in the manufacturing process that's just not make it effective. I want to emphasize to people, 10% is not good. But it's better than 0%. What are the best ways to protect ourselves? Hand hygiene. We say it all the time. It's so important. Wash your hands. If you can still get a flu vacci vaccine, get one. They're still available. If you get sick, even though it is so hard during the holiday season, please stay home. It's better for you and the people around you. And do what we do in the hospital at the nurse's station. Clean those surfaces with disinfectant wipes. The phones. The doorknobs. The handles. Keep everything nice and clean. Dr. Ashton. Always weighing in with useful advice. We appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you, Dr.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"This season's flu vaccine appears to only be 10 percent effective so follow these tips to stay healthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51977518","title":"Protect yourself from flu and illness this season","url":"/GMA/video/protect-flu-illness-season-51977518"}