Tips to Protect Kids Online and Off

Rebecca Bailey reveals the best ways to safeguard children from abduction, cyberbullying and more.
2:42 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Tips to Protect Kids Online and Off
I'm with dr. Rebecca bailey. She helped counsel jaycee dugard after her ordeal. She just wrote a book. "Safe kids, smart parents." It's great to have you here. Jaycee dugard's mom wrote the forward to your book. How is she doing now? Fantastic. Very good. That's great to know. Ali and I talk to our girls about this all the time. And it's good to have the advice written down. What are the most important things we can tell our kids about how to be safe? First of all, to be aware. To be aware of their surroundings. To be aware of where they are when they're walking across the street. Where their parents are. So, safety is really important, without fear. And one of the main pieces in this book is don't scare your kids. But be clear that they know what's out there. That they hear these stories. How do you do that? You want to make sure that kids never get in a car with strangers. You don't want them to be so wary of everyone around them. I think age-appropriate information is really important. So, when you're talking to younger kids, it's different than middle schoolers and older kids. But just like anything, we use analogy of a pool. When you take a child to a pool and they first go, you teach them safety about a pool. Same thing about dealing with being out in the bigger world. And I take it that it's that age group 10 to 14 that's at the most risk, tends to be the most risk for abduction. That's true. And that's for a lot of reasons. One reason is they have more freedom than the younger kids. And also because of issues like suggestibility. They might be more able to be coerced into a situation. So, having conversations about the subject early on, often, is really important. We talk about communication, education equals knowledge. And the possible threats grow once the kids get online. What's the most important rule for social media. The number one, at least in my home, I've raised five kids, has been that the computer is in a common room. Number one. Try to have an open dialogue with your children. If there is cyber bullying, which my teenage daughter tells me is one of the biggest issues in high schools, have a communication with them that they can talk to you about it, they can unfriend someone on facebook. And they also can go to the cool because cyber bullying is a huge issue in high school. It sure is. Dr. Bailey, thanks very much. The book is "safe kids, smart parents." Coming up, a revealing

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Rebecca Bailey reveals the best ways to safeguard children from abduction, cyberbullying and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19381857","title":"Tips to Protect Kids Online and Off","url":"/GMA/video/protecting-children-tips-avoid-abduction-cyber-bullying-social-19381857"}