Becoming a Purple Squirrel

How to be the ideal job candidate.
6:44 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Becoming a Purple Squirrel
-- am Torrey Thompson and this is where. With continuing uncertainty in the job market anyone looking for work must learn to evolve to meet the demands of more -- employers. Veteran who will recruiter might -- is here to tell us how you can stand out in a growing sea of candidates. With tips from his brand new buck purples -- all. Hate MI had to learn how things -- -- -- me on the show absolutely so tell us who are what is -- purples or. That's an industry term that means hard to find talent -- candidate. That's what we spend a lot of our time chasing is recruiters these days. Looking for that purples for -- are right so. -- out on that patients for a very long time you've had them a career in her to have permits for over ten years. What's changed in that time. Well there's been a lot of course they saw the change -- snail mail to email and of course the advent of the online job boards and most recently I think we've seen that. The emergence of social networks is a real viable medium and -- professional networks as well as a real viable medium for recruiting. So what -- -- key challenges I think in the market today is standing out because there's so much information available on so many -- and profiles. Readily available. And I think that is when one of the biggest challenges that job seekers -- that even though all of the online tools were supposed to have perhaps made things easier really streamlined the process. In the book you really -- job seekers to avoid perhaps an excessive dependence on the Internet. Can't really you know submit your -- and -- that the -- it doesn't work like that. No actually it's one of the things I really don't like seeing is people getting stuck in that cycle of spending all of their time and energy. Searching in applying for jobs online. And hiring is still a people business that's about human connections and so. It's really important in the job -- -- not only -- -- -- submitting finding and submitting. Online applications. And using the Internet to attract the attention players but also to be augmenting it offline. Through networking they're getting connected and -- community groups and forums related to your profession. And one of my favorite tips for job seekers -- if you find an opening that your interest in and instead of just blindly submitting your resonate. Take a couple extra minutes to go to -- and find the name of a recruiter HR professional or personal connection -- can get you. Human recommendation into the company -- it's amazing how much of a difference academic. And something that really is so easy to do that that's one of the blessings -- an -- You have read. I you know it probably hundreds of thousands of -- -- conducted thousands of interviews and you say that there are. Two key opportunities that can make a really huge difference. In the process. Yeah there's two thing and I really consider these the fundamentals. In the first -- to own your own experience. And by that I mean really take the time to dig into your own background here you know that the projects you've worked on the accomplishments the successes the failures. And -- -- -- them with a fine toothed comb and figure out what you learned that how you've done the things that you've done why you've done them. What you can do different the next time he really confident clear not only about who you -- what you do but how to explain that in the context of an interview. The second is. Equally fundamental to doing your homework and by that I mean really digging into the specifics. Of the job description going through line by line making sure you're really clear about. What the employers looking for. Figure out how that maps up against your background and skills. If there are gaps taking some time to refresh your skills in that area. And doing a little bit of real -- studying up so that when you sit down across from somebody you really ready to speak articulately and confidently. In a context that's specific to that job. And it's really that it's not just about focusing on yourself but it's also really taking into account the position of the people we're doing the hiring. How do you recommend that that people that like how can I put myself in your shoes when I'm sitting in front of you and and about interview with you for a job. How so that I think you said it right you put yourself in the -- of the other person. Made it and at the beginning of the job search maybe that's about thinking about the recruiter sorting through literally tens or hundreds of thousands of resonates. To try and focus in on the most. Relevant candidates. How are they gonna recognize the -- that person what can you do to make their life easier. When you're sitting down with someone to interview. Take the time to focus on them at the beginning of the conversations ask questions about what they're looking for what do they think is really useful and important in this position. The more you can find out about the other person per ticket at the beginning of the conversation. The more effective you're gonna be using all of that proper -- -- and phoning your background in doing homer. To speak in a way that's relevant to about one individual -- ending and that's really what -- the interview process is about as connecting with that one person is gonna make hiring recommendation. You know when you hardly sounds that that -- well when you know I hot. Martin in spite of signs -- aside from let's obviously at some of these -- and we are sitting with that person was really when you're making that determination how do you know -- He or she -- It's a great question so that. He almost never know until the end but there are signs that are outside how is like an attitude is a key marker yet if they know how to write a -- in a way that. Makes it easy for people to recognize that there are useful fit. How receptive in response of the hour. And really did and do they know the fundamentals can answer questions clearly confidently. Without a lot of poems and Pozen. -- -- deposits and thinking about it if there really clear and sharp. They've got the right skills on Paper and then they can back it up confidently conversation. That -- -- kind of -- like -- where we're on the right track here. Our ranks well up to talk about this forever and that. Well it's nothing you -- who need this help so we appreciate being him I hope that. -- for everybody -- more advice on enhancing our job -- that the grab a copy of your new buck purple squirrel or weakened as it. Your website at Michael the young.

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