Pushing Yourself to the Extreme

One young woman pushes herself to become a fitness trainer.
1:19 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Pushing Yourself to the Extreme
Farm where you've got to realize a -- we're gonna talk to a young woman who. Who pushed herself to extremes to become a better cheerleader -- talked to her in just a moment but first the story and why she backed out when she had the opportunity to model. And have to decide just how far she was willing to go. And Watson -- your average all American cheerleader. -- well maybe not average. Because this 21 year old -- probably didn't -- most of the football players she cheers for. I had just -- and then Mike -- running exercises supplements and weight -- to me about two years ago. And -- went from 125 pounds to 175. And caught the attention of a fitness modeling agency who offered her a 75000. Dollar contract. -- -- -- -- on roughly fifty pounds of -- muscle mass that was -- 155. Pounds death -- 230. Guzzling 900 calorie masking her -- but it wasn't enough. The agency told -- they wouldn't sign her alleged she took legal steroids to bulk up. I'm gonna take my guns literally on the tonight and an -- guy himself. I -- -- but now.

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{"id":15497005,"title":"Pushing Yourself to the Extreme ","duration":"1:19","description":"One young woman pushes herself to become a fitness trainer. ","url":"/GMA/video/pushing-extreme-fitness-trainer-health-15497005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}