Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized for First Time in Decade

The palace says 86-year-old monarch slept at a private London hospital as a precaution.
3:00 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized for First Time in Decade
Now to queen elizabeth. In the hospital right now with an apparent stomach virus. The first time she's been hospitalized in a decade. Jeffrey kofman is at the hospital with the latest. Good morning, jeffrey. Reporter: And good morning to you, robin. The palace insists it's a precaution. The queen arrived by car. She's not in the habit of spending time in hospitals. She clearly is sick. A night in the hospital is a rare detour for the famously fit british monarch. The plans says queen elizabeth ii has symptoms of g gastroenteritis. She may be in remarkable health, but she is 86. Reporter: She'll be 87 next month. In her six decades on the throne, she's barely missed a day of work. She last spent a night at the hospital ten years ago from knee surgery. She has a schedule of 350 public appearances a year. For the next week, all of that is postponed or canceled, including a trip to rome. This is something that will come up more and more in the future. And buckingham palace will have to get to grips to it. They're not getting younger. They're not immortal. Reporter: At 91, the queen's husband has had a rougher ride. He was hospitalized with a bladder infection last year. He had heart surgery in 2011. The xween is a the hospital of choice for royals. The duchess of cambridge was here early in her pregnancy for acute morning sickness. The duchess is showing signs of baby bump. No skiing for her. The two brothers hit is slopes. The two brothers can take comfort that their grandmother is safe. Look at the video from the hospital overnight. The two bobbies guarding the door. One of them, over six feet tall. The other, 5'8". Noen as big teend little tone. George? That's cool. Thank you, jeffrey.

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{"id":18646054,"title":"Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized for First Time in Decade","duration":"3:00","description":"The palace says 86-year-old monarch slept at a private London hospital as a precaution.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-elizabeth-hospitalized-time-decade-norovirus-stomach-bug-18646054","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}