Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

U.K.'s monarch says she will renew her dedication of service to her country.
1:50 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Diamond Jubilee
-- milestone in Britain this morning Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her diamond jubilee which means the sixty years on the ground. She kicked off a year's worth of festivities today ABC's nick watt has details from London. Exactly sixty years ago today she ascended to -- change the British. It is the second rates amongst the best. In fact better than the best this morning a new official portrait -- as usual just behind the queen. Grimacing slightly she's guided the British monarchy through thick. And now. Green doesn't change -- adapts and that's -- of its. He and he. -- -- cry was number one when she took the friend Fidel Castro was still seven years away from our. Harry -- in the white -- and eleven US presidents later. -- the majority of people. -- know the queen would have grown up with the queen really -- in the audience. -- -- -- -- Golden boy William just arrived in the Falkland Islands for his search and rescue -- -- bit of fun before the eventual secrets -- can -- And dinner jubilee message to queens says she will dedicate myself the new to your service. To bat for Charles -- looks -- -- old -- will soldier on until last breath. He's already with its oldest serving -- suit contends that -- And the -- gonna save the major celebrations until the summer when the weather's a bit -- will see a thousand boats on the River Thames we'll see. Brits waving flags on the streets and Paula will see -- star studded concert that will broadcast right here. On ABC. Sixty years on the -- unbelievable nick -- live in London thank you this morning.

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{"id":15521208,"title":"Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Diamond Jubilee","duration":"1:50","description":"U.K.'s monarch says she will renew her dedication of service to her country.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-elizabeth-ii-celebrates-diamond-jubilee-15521208","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}