Queen Latifah Brings 'Steel Magnolias' to Lifetime Television

Media superstar stars in, produces a new version of a classic movie.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Queen Latifah Brings 'Steel Magnolias' to Lifetime Television
You know what it also says right there? Hail the queen. Grammy winner, oscar nominee, we have run out of time for the interview. Queen latifah. Starring in now and executive producing "steel magnolias" for lifetime. This isn't an obscure, niche project. It was updated. What drew you to the project? Well, basically, neil marijuana and craig zarin, who produced "chicago," with me, who produced "hairspray" with me, who I trust and I worked with them, they wanted to do this project and wanted to do it with an all-african-american cast, they wanted me to be part of it. I trust their work ethic. And kenny leon, who is an amazing director. I was excited about working with kenny. I'm fully able to embrace this. I'm a cryer in the movies. I'm so glad you're a cryer. We need you guys. The tears are going to drop here. The big moments, especially in this film, knowing what we know about this story, these are iconic characters. Any trepidation for you at all? No because I think it's such a great story. And I think it's such a great story about friendship and family and relationships and being with each other through the ups and downs. And handling those situations together, particularly women. And how we make it through that. So, no. I wasn't intimidated to do that at all. I was really, actually excited. Especially when we got the great cast we did. I want to look at the cast. We have a clip. And again, you play the character, melin. She is talking about her diabetic daughter's pregnancy for the first time. Take a look. I suggest we focus on the joy of the situation. I agree. Your first grandchild. How about that? People with diabetes have healthy babies all the time. This is one of those times. I'd put money on those bones. I'm in. What does not still us, makes us stronger. Star, star, star. Jill, and felicia. What was that like going to work every day? I had worked with alfre before and phylicia before. We have two young sons who are always rhyming between takes. It was really good energy. I have -- I have a hard ti with you having a granddaughter, even if it's not for real. I have an issue with that at this point. How do we get that? You're coming back to daytime. Tell us about the new show. I can't tell you all of the details with it. It will be positive. It will be fun, entertaining, musical. All that good stuff. And basically, it will be live. It will be me. It will be you. A little bit crazy because it will be me, of course. But I think I just want to create something positive for people who just have that one hour a day when they need to escape and learn something and have some fun. That's what I'm looking to do. On a big scale. Like this big. That big. This big. Like crossroads of the world big. Not a little studio apartment. We're talking about -- it's great to have you, as

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{"id":17383894,"title":"Queen Latifah Brings 'Steel Magnolias' to Lifetime Television","duration":"3:00","description":"Media superstar stars in, produces a new version of a classic movie.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-latifah-brings-steel-magnolias-lifetime-television-17383894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}