Quick Fashion Fixes for Those 'Blah' Moments

Amy Goodman on ways to spruce up your everyday outfits in record time.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Quick Fashion Fixes for Those 'Blah' Moments
the mirror in the morning and you just feel blah? You could u a quick fix to help your fashion dilemma. Every day. Women everywhere can understand. A new series on "good afternoon america," we're calling it "quick fix." Wow, magical sound effects. We're taking on tricks to make you look bustier, taller, thinner. All for under $100. The author of wear this, not that, she is amy goodman. She is joining us to help. So happy to have you. Hi, so happy to be here. I want to get to the first issue that a lot of women have. They want to enhance their bust line. They don't want to do it surgically. We have gorgeous ellen here. She's naturally a 34-b. The average cup size of hollywood. The top that she's wearing is flat. From her own closet. It's a medium-weight fabric. It makes her flat-chested. We're going to give her something to use for a special evening out. We send her back to do a quick fix and change. For a great evening out, we've given her some va va voom. That's a lot. It is. It's from victoria's secrets. They have a dream angels, adds two cups bra. It gives you support and a boost in the cleavage department. Great for a special evening out, you want to add boost to the boobs. Her boyfriend is probably saying, whoo-hoo, and her mom is going to call me later. This is like a subway sandwich. Can we move on? Seriously. Got it. A nonsurgical option. Great, great, that's great. That is terrific. Really. I'm trying to move on. I'm helping you here. A lot of women complain they're too short. Like, I don't know where to look right now. A lot of women want to look longer and leaner. If you're really petite, one of the hot trends was the three-quarter length skirt. When you're as petite as simi is, her skirt cuts her off at the calves. It makes her stumpy. Cuts off her legs. This skirt and top, which came from her own closet. She's tucking the top in. That makes her hypes wider than they naturally are. This skirt is not flattering her. We'll give her a moment to go back and switch things up. One of the hot things now is to show some heels. That's quite a transformation. When you're petite, show some skin on top. And below. The legs were masted on the last outfit. I love asymmetric. We did add heightening pumps. Platform pumps. She thought these were walkable. Okay, okay, it's almost over. Almost over. One last issue that a lot of women face is finding a perfect jean. A lot of us don't know exactly what the right fit is the dreaded mom jean comes out to play. What do we do in that case? Jen has a pair of pants that do not flatter her. They're wide in the waist, they hang really heavy. They don't give her legs form or shape. We all have a pair of pants like this. You have to just toss it. Something I recommend in my book. Wear this, toss that. We'll give her jeans that will totally slim her down in a way you won't believe. We're going to bring her out. Wow, I like the whole look. These are called yummy by heather thompson jeans. They suck you in, flatten your tummy. She has a wonderful top that brings a lot of bling to her. Your eyes go up. Fabulous shoes from t.J. Maxx. Awesome fixes. Thank you, amy. Yeah. We'll have more of those

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{"id":16950352,"title":"Quick Fashion Fixes for Those 'Blah' Moments","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Goodman on ways to spruce up your everyday outfits in record time.","url":"/GMA/video/quick-fashion-fixes-blah-moments-16950352","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}