Quick fixes for painful sunburns

Dr. Whitney Bowe to share tips on how to treat painful sunburns using inexpensive staples from your pantry.
2:49 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for Quick fixes for painful sunburns
We all know sunscreen is a must but what should you do if your child till comes home with a painful sunburn. Dr. Whitney Bowe is here. Welcome. Thank you so much. Okay, now tell me about some of this stuff. Everyone has it in their pantry. First I just have to reiterate. The best thing you can do for your kid protect them from the sun in the first place. Right, so studies show that bad sunburns in childhood actually increase their risk of skin cancer down the road so I just can't stress enough reapply the spf of 40 or above throughout the summer but that being said, you find yourself in a situation where your little one has had a little too much sun. You can rely on your pantry to ease the pain. Very first thing, you want to offer your child some liquid ibuprofen, an adult, take the pill but it reduces pain, swelling, inflammation associated with the burn, tylenol won't do the trick. After you're done with that, wash it down with some coconut water, sunburns can leave us dehydrated so it's so important to rehydrate and the electrolytes in the coconut water are key. Okay. Now this looks like breakfast but I'm guessing it's not. It does. One of the things I love for days one and two after a burn is oatmeal and pretty much everyone has that in their pantry. Look for instant oatmeal. If you don't have instant -- Instant is best because it's fine and powdered but if you have regular oatmeal throw it in a food processor and grind it down, combine a little bit of that with some honey, a couple of drops of water and what you'll get out of that is. Paste. A paste-like consistency and what Avery would you mind? Avery from the audience over here, can you 2k3wi6 me your little arm? Okay. Perfect. Good job. Let me have you turn a little. Turn towards the camera a little. Right there. And you want to basically just use this spread it on the skin. Do it somewhere where it won't get on your carpet. It is a little messy. Leave that on for about ten minutes and then you're going to rinse it off with cool water. Another great less messy way to use it, if you have tube sock, white cotton tube socks, fill that with oatmeal and throw it in your bathtub and by the time you get in you get all the benefits without the sticky pieces landing on the skin. Okay. Avery, you're doing a great job. Dn't eat it. Tell us about this milk. So I love milk for days one and two after. Throw whole milk, ice cubes and washcloth into a little bowl like this, just wring that out and then you take that and drape it directly onto the burn. It will leave a film of healthy fats and proteins and speeds up the healing process. Wonderful. That's great. Thank you very much, Whitney.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Dr. Whitney Bowe to share tips on how to treat painful sunburns using inexpensive staples from your pantry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48629357","title":"Quick fixes for painful sunburns","url":"/GMA/video/quick-fixes-painful-sunburns-48629357"}