Rachael Ray's Football Tailgating Feast

TV chef prepares both classic and healthy meals perfect for the big game.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for Rachael Ray's Football Tailgating Feast
Get ready for a fall feast. Our wonderful friend rachael ray is sheer just hours before her show kicks off for your seventh season today? I'm excited. It's the first show, a brand-new home. A brand-new set. First lady michelle obama is your first guest? The first lady is the first guest for the whole show. I'm so excited. Wonderful. We're going to get to that in just a second. But today, you're starting with zucchini fritters. Fritters is great dish because you can serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and put in all of your fall things. I have zucchini that I shredded or you can use butternut squash. Any single vegetable? One of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder. Whisk together a cup of milk and one egg. And just you throw anything you like in there. We have herbs like mint, parsley and basil. A little parm cheese, zucchini, oni onion, it gets thrown in there. Beat that baby. You need a pro. Okay. You just throw that together and that's your base. Then you can add your base whatever you like, like zucchini. I have a batter down. One cup flour. One egg. Very, very simple. Okay. Then you shallow fry your batter in a little olive oil. And they're loosey-goosey. You cook them a couple minutes. They glob together? They cook up. If you want to serve them with a brunch, top them with an over-easy egg. If you want to serve them for lunch or dinner, I take tomatoes. I think they're looking for fritters. I top them with stewed tomatoes and a little green oni onions. And you're done. That's it? That's it. Now, you have a whole tailgating section? In this month's magazine, I'm a huge football fan. We have a pull-out for tailgaters. We have kabobs. Whoopi pies. Steak and potato kabobs. People take the tailgate way, way upscale these days. They do. But they're beautiful. There's vegetarian options. They're sweet, savory. It's a great pull-out guide. Chili ten ways. It's a great issue. Those are baby whoopie pies down there. Really? Yeah. As in a pull-out. Today, you've got michelle obama. We worked on that initiative together, the "let's move" campaign. We hid a healthy cheeseburger. And her, I call it "her" now because she makes a terrific avocado ranch dressing. We play carnival games. We have a great chat at the kitchen table. We had a blast. I hope everyone tunes in. Excited to be back for our seventh year, everybody. Just doesn't seem possible. Congratulations on your huge success and your wonderful meal And your first day with the first lady. We're next door neighbors to you in a lot of cities so it's a big morning for us. Thank you for starting out a

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{"id":17252813,"title":"Rachael Ray's Football Tailgating Feast","duration":"3:00","description":"TV chef prepares both classic and healthy meals perfect for the big game.","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-ray-recipes-football-tailgating-feasts-classic-healthy-17252813","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}