Rachael Ray Documents Year of Meals in Book

TV chef details all the dishes she makes for her husband in "My Year in Meals."
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for Rachael Ray Documents Year of Meals in Book
makes for her and her husband. It's literally all that we've made in our home for more than a year, organized by the month. At the beginning of the month, you get an overview. You can get to any dish there. You see all of our holiday meals, family meals. It's filled with stories about who was over that day. What happened with the weather. On and on. That's interesting. It's my first co-author book. If you flip it over, it's "my year in cocktails" with my husband john cusmano. You get extra content, extra recipes. You'll have access in all to about 700 recipes with the book and the smart posts that are in it. Also, I just want to mention, next week is smell-evision, if you pick up "people" or my magazine this week, you'll be able to scratch and sniff anything we cook next week. We're smelling what you're cooking. Cider -- this is one of my family's favorite recipes. You serve it around the holidays. You don't think of all the days around the holidays. For every six adults, you brown three pounds of chuck with a little bit of flour. Okay. You throw in vegetables, celery, onions. And then roasted garlic. Two heads. Squish it down in. Then your liquid for this are cloudy organic apple cider or beef stock or beef consumee. You put it in for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. It's a crowd-pleaser. Everybody loves it. Here's some all done. Hi, kids, you're lining up for This is what it's like after a couple hours in the oven. It literally falls apart. Josh is already digging in. Then to serve with it -- do you want to hold on to that. Okay. Then -- now, we do this every thanksgiving, and it goes with this meal so beautifully. It's mashed potatoes and parsnips. Parsnips is like a potato a little bit of an attitude. You like them? You're eating them. Parsnips thrown in -- with cheese. Lots of sharp cheese. I want to make sure we get this in. You were so kind to help man the phones with hurricane sandy. You're donating more than $500,000. We gave -- we gave, we were very lucky with our partners at nutrish, the animal foods. We gave 4,000 tons of food to the aspca. And from yum-o, we were able to give $100,000 for food to feed our neighbors. It was much needed help. I love volunteering. Thank you, guys. Thank you. We got the recipes on the website. It's fabulous for thanksgiving weekend to keep everybody fed over the weekend. It's a really great slow-cooker meal. Coming up next, our own jake tapper with a story of true military courage for veterans day. Bye, guys! Happy veterans day!

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{"id":17697746,"title":"Rachael Ray Documents Year of Meals in Book","duration":"3:00","description":"TV chef details all the dishes she makes for her husband in \"My Year in Meals.\"","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-ray-recipes-found-book-documents-year-meals-17697746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}