Rachael Ray's March Madness Appetizers

TV-chef puts unique twists on guacamole and a chili bar that is sure to impress.
5:24 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rachael Ray's March Madness Appetizers
Not just of the Madison square March Madness and the high jump in there and -- -- Expect twist on the whole block and then we're going to be Mickens and -- and that's. Did you and I know he's -- and twists but this is due to do it all original -- My original block -- Molly starts where a tip I learned from my friend -- this is the most brilliant way to prepare -- you guys -- see this. -- replicate locally acting like we Y yeah yeah over the ball and take have a lot of eat it. Yeah. -- -- -- This second stricken down at the bottom of the ball you start with minced onion and you put your -- -- lemon and lime juice on it. We've salt and let it bleed out tough -- so that all of the flavored. It goes into that guacamole and it's really intense -- -- to a bad idea lots eleven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gotta get that I'm sending the dollar you know elaborate about nothing and nothing nothing nothing this alliance drove Al Tulsa I'm John. The little extras also helping girls aren't mix it up this is -- spending the national number 800 generally don't look at me oh my god you pretty happy holidays gas -- -- -- -- think -- -- really Smart. To me 1 evening you lots of -- So in my car. Not a -- you're gonna turning to crabby -- I am okay here is he not. Little -- -- animated guide has nothing to do not here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Salmon fresh -- -- now pregnant Chile's. Let us -- as desert in mind I don't like comparing high street at some -- And then you opt out there and huge -- -- -- with a nose as an ingredient that's been I don't know are an idiot move in the you know my spicy brands that are going to at this -- she won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a bit of I -- nice crunchy apple right. -- -- apple right I don't rabbit from my friends that -- and that's down south in Austin, Texas originally. They served. His Guatemalan will be another incident galvanized and -- some pretty good news I may get contacts have been an elderly I don't. Everything down to down it hit my. Second rhetoric on all of a little bit of luck just a little comments just not like we're certainly mark Carter shot. I'm done now thanks very when I'm down here are involved in -- -- my agent pretty horrible accident yes. You would chili bar yes yes -- yelling doesn't -- Let me just like you -- freeway his dad and I need meat and grilling him about news. It's whenever you're cooking fresh. Quality ingredients. I'm telling me double and triple. And I put them have a lot of rain and stored them -- and I was no longer otherwise flat. Well because it -- so much room isn't an Indian and a hot some not -- a large container casserole dish. You're taking up all that revenue for the best way to thought that you get the best taste whenever I was I take -- out of that -- second. From work together -- -- out -- -- -- -- not put a lid on harshly cracked. Bring it back up to Santa Barbara -- museums sports and -- there's no adding any additional liquidated and they'll and I. Any differently and Indian. Isn't everything your spaghetti sauces -- possible. I at least make double that's it everything's really Smart to make an apparent I see probable guests and yes -- Robert -- I can't say I am Parcells. O'clock -- regret that I love them they're dug -- bodies have gotten. But it is a rich guy I've got -- -- like this thing to. Oh yeah. Well haven't them right not. What would -- -- -- that I've not had Joey this is none judge's latest all of these recipes are yeah thank you want veggie chili one vegetarian about. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is beaten -- the grounds of conscience and reconstitute them come back into stock and that you hear riots that labor on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And not -- is not conscious of her mentally. Describes them as spicy raisins and that's exactly -- neighbor Natalie Natalie Natalie exactly what it is still relatively -- incredibly beautiful and yeah. -- -- -- didn't go back. Yeah that income -- themselves put out all the -- rain again it's easy cleanup you can buy disposable bulls you don't wanna do the -- -- in tomatoes and apparently and according again these deaths were not good -- eleven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nights are all right and we have to walk -- -- all the talk of holding all the children rests on the plot line -- log on what.

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{"id":15960649,"title":"Rachael Ray's March Madness Appetizers","duration":"5:24","description":"TV-chef puts unique twists on guacamole and a chili bar that is sure to impress.","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-rays-march-madness-appetizer-recipes-15960649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}