Rachel McAdams Takes 'The Vow'

The actress' new romantic drama comes out just in time for Valentine's Day.
4:27 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Rachel McAdams Takes 'The Vow'
To just in time for Valentine's Day -- -- to make Adams is back on the big screen in Deval. The movie is based on the true story about a happy couple. -- find their marriage tested. Terribly after really bad car accident originally Adams is joining us live to talk about this remarkable story -- -- -- aiming to -- nice to see you -- Based on the true story again cricket came cricket -- very and credibility they were married her two months I think. This is an early ninety's and gotten this car crash and she. Lost all memory of him. And in our story but my characters -- about four years of her life. So she has no recollection that she's married to. The lovely Channing -- and which is -- remember that he. You want a remote yeah they're they're incredible people I mean. -- you know -- are saying that they're there almost more extraordinary than our characters because. Our characters kind of go -- this a little bit -- tumultuous ride whereas. They -- it's really state -- there hung in -- she book happen. I mean I'm -- it was very difficult but they're still together they got remarried they have. 22 beautiful children -- -- helpful in the process. You're building your character in getting his hand made yet very much so you know just. Really positive and encouraging of the movie and you know if you just incredible inspiring people -- we found love. Unit no thought in this is probably the most romantic movie you've done since let's show -- everybody has Channing Tatum tries to -- you back. So I couldn't slow going to city it's. Near there that and it's my pain to evacuate ten point. First it. What -- officials tell us. -- have you coming back tonight. I -- if you it was does he. -- -- -- -- -- Had -- not remember. Being in love it cannot. You know so adorable. And you I was reading the research and you said you were concerned about chemistry which is hard to believe watching because you guys are so tight -- -- brother and sisters were friends the now well yeah we're good. Friends and so you you know you don't know -- will come up. Weird and you know well it works so but he works well. Thank you he's he -- the lovely this guy you could ever meet and he's even have prankster area likes to. Keep you on your child yeah -- -- and a -- -- -- came -- I was like 4 in the morning or something I was on my way -- when it came -- -- my car. And there is just a giant branch sticking out of that -- my passenger side seat. We -- little in so. That's very Josh like to do that I think a big giant branch -- -- -- in your -- -- a couple of them. And he -- there really -- and so. Yankees he's sound he's he's wonderful things and nothing to worry about -- the chemistry department -- -- we -- congratulate you midnight in Paris. When I came in after seeing and told everybody. All of the teammates are you have to see this movie it's so wonderful accolades are pouring in for it and what -- Said that he wrote the part for you. I knew he'd tell me that says look at that something I am I am glad learned afterwards but I'm. -- I mean is I I was just so happy to be in -- Woody Allen movie you know at all and so the fact that people. Like -- and you know are enjoying it -- he's getting this. Hobbies accolades it's just you know big bonus during rocking working for the great Woody Allen. -- at times Seattle at first thing he's fiction he says he's so lovely is obviously so funny and and them he you know he he made us -- feel very relaxed you're shooting and these beautiful places in Paris and you know it was. It was great it's a good job at night. Our greatest country savvy. Carol congratulations on the -- -- -- -- to be back home -- that I know -- stomping ground -- There forever she got used used Good Morning America police searched and for morning glory that's right we're so happy to have you back -- -- meeting -- -- -- -- better I got my notebook maybe. Republicans everybody -- -- in theaters Friday February 10 it's just beautiful thank you -- coming.

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{"id":15478729,"title":"Rachel McAdams Takes 'The Vow'","duration":"4:27","description":"The actress' new romantic drama comes out just in time for Valentine's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/rachel-mcadams-takes-vow-romantic-valentines-day-movie-15478729","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}