Raffaele Sollecito Testifies in Amanda Knox Retrial

Knox's former lover describes their "carefree love" and proclaims his innocent.
2:22 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Raffaele Sollecito Testifies in Amanda Knox Retrial
Amanda knox, her case is being heard in florence, italy. Raffaele sollecito wiping away tears on the strand. On crucial evidence that comes nearly six years to the day that meredith kercher was found murdered. Lama hasan has the latest from london. Lama? Reporter: Good morning to you, lara. There was courtroom drama this morning when amanda knox's boyfriend, speaking for the first time since his trial began. Proclaiming his innocence. Speaking about his love for amanda. And finally breaking down in tears. The jury transfixed and listening to every word he said. As amanda knox and her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito are once again fighting for their innocence. For the first time in this trial, this morning, sollecito is speaking in the italian courtroom. Thanking his family and professing that knox is his first true love. Even a place in my life, he said. We had a carefree love. This flower blossomed. Emotional at times during his 20-minute statement, he begs and says, quote, I am fighting every day to bring out the truth. Apologizing for not taking the charges seriously at the beginning of the first trial in 2007. Adding, I never went to parties excessively, never loved liquor. But I they have smoked a couple of joints. But that doesn't change who I am psychologically. Sollecito says the murder case has hurd him. How he can't find a job because people in italy think of him as an assassin. As for knox, she remains in seattle. Her attorney is calling this morning's testimony a victory. They required a testing of dna found on the suspected murder weapon. Just hours ago, italy's top forensic investigators formally explained the findings to the court. The dna sample is a match for amanda knox, not her alleged victim. And despite the rollercoaster ride, she says she is vowing to clear her name. No matter what people say, i didn't do it. Reporter: And the trial isn't over yet. The next hearing is scheduled FOR NOVEMBER 25th. Final arguments from the prosecution. The defense will have to also present their arguments. They will have to be heard. The trial goes into the new year. And the final deliberations and the verdict is expected on JANUARY 10th.

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{"id":20802254,"title":"Raffaele Sollecito Testifies in Amanda Knox Retrial","duration":"2:22","description":"Knox's former lover describes their \"carefree love\" and proclaims his innocent.","url":"/GMA/video/raffaele-sollecito-testifies-amanda-knox-retrial-20802254","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}