Ralph Lauren Hires First-Ever Plus-Size Model

Robyn Lawley made waves in Australia when Vogue featured her within their pages.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ralph Lauren Hires First-Ever Plus-Size Model
Maybe I'm under ernie. For heaven's sakes. Someone needs to help bert get through security. We're going to talk to the woman who they call the plus-sized model from down under. She is now breaking ground as the first plus-sized model for ralph lauren. We're going to talk to her in a moment. But first, how the wilhelmina model rose to the very top. She's one of fashion's hottest new faces. Robin lawly's turning heads. Not just for her beauty. Butter if her curvy shape. At 23, the australian model has embraced her figure. And mainstream fashion magazines are taking notice. Gracing the covers of "french elle" and "vogue italia," she's the first to headline a campaign for ralph lauren. An unheard of move in an industry that glorifies thin. She is defying the odds. She is paving the way for fuller-figured women to land these modeling campaigns. She struggled to keep up with the industry's skinny standards. But she persevered and got her first contract as a plus-sized model at 18. Becoming the hottest face of the wilhelmina model agency. She's happy in her own skin. And that's something a lot of girls can look up to. I think she's setting a great example for the fashion industry, as a well. And we're joined by robin lawley. You're gorgeous. Thank you for having me. How tall are you? I'm 6'2". Do you mind telling me how much you weigh? I'm a size 12. Size 12. I mean, you are actually what most women look like when it comes to sizes, correct? Correct. That's generally, the average in america, size 12. That's my size. When you first started modeling at the age of 16, did you feel pressure to diet? To lose weight? To look like the other models on the runway and in the magazines? I did, unfortunately. I felt a huge amount of pressure to diet. It was a battling for me to do that because I'm big-boned and tall and broad. I struggled to maintain that size. I was lucky enough to find plus-sized modeling. For a while, you dabbled in eating disorders, just to try to shed the pounds. At that age, I was trying anything and everything. When someone says, oh, I want to become a model, you think, they have to be skinny and they'll have to lose weight. No one was really worried about me at the time, either. They just thought it was a way for me to become a model. Did people actually overtly say to you, you need to lose weight? Or was it more implicit? It was, you know, when i would go to castings or when I'd try on clothes that didn't fit, in my mind, I saw models on the runway. I have to become one of those size. It was a real struggle for me. It was more like exercise a little bit more and eat a little bit healthy, that's what they would tend to say to me. What made you decide to heck with it? I'm going to be beautiful the way god made me? I gave up trying to be a model. And I moved to france and fell in love with food all over again. And came back much bigger than i was. And I saw plus-sized models doing well. And I thought and decided i wanted that. And I wanted to be on magazines. And I approached the wilhelmina modeling agency in australia. And they took me onboard. And they give me a contract. I want to talk about the first time you appeared on the cover of a magazine. It was "vogue italia." Mine was "french elle." I found out at the time I was shooting "vogue it taliaitalia." I was pinching myself in awe. You didn't know you were going to be on the cover? You never know until it's out. You can't tell everyone, either. You have great news. And you have to keep it to yourself. It was a special moment for me. I love the covers. All the covers I've done, i love. Do you think we'll see more models who look like all the rest of us, who are actually buying the clothes? I hope so. I hope. I'm sure there's so many plus-sized models in new york doing so well at the moment. It's only going to get better. They've been more understanding and less discrimination. Well, congratulations. And we're so thrilled to see you, front and center, in the new ralph lauren ad campaign. And best of luck to you. Thank you so much. I think you look stunning. Thank you for being a positive role model. And you'll learn one of robin's

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Robyn Lawley made waves in Australia when Vogue featured her within their pages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17270071","title":"Ralph Lauren Hires First-Ever Plus-Size Model","url":"/GMA/video/ralph-laurens-size-model-made-waves-vogue-australia-17270071"}