Rare Yellow Tea Helps Cure GMA Live Anchors' Winter Blues

Ginger, Lara and Amy try out Teavana's yellow tea on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for Rare Yellow Tea Helps Cure GMA Live Anchors' Winter Blues
Yeah. Not do you want we have seen retail what you do in my neck from China I don't know. Let's -- -- may have put you on the spot but -- -- warm. It's more had and you've been outside dealing all morning long and then. -- and that's saying really snowing nothing yet the snow in the starting like now the heaviest that's why I know I didn't blame it's not. Yes there and why tennis yeah -- ran at 1130 when you saw that beautiful picture of the red sky -- completely clear. I -- a meteorologist what meteorologists. Calm before the storm -- -- occupancy occupancy in the morning at -- that -- -- -- it's reflecting off of all the different western -- absolutely. And this is what happened within an hour so it's going to be starting now New York. DC not snowing yet it's -- -- -- -- and and then the worst of it comes this afternoon and evening. Into the early overnight it's gone from -- my earliest go to school acting like his little song and expecting an early dismissal but but there but they definitely had school and on. I called this morning to Jack in the both where's my has -- like no that's not the school kids -- -- -- Not -- I'm really. But that -- -- -- I'm so so what are we entity of polar plunge for a liberal Americans as an -- plunge comes right behind the storms that's gonna get this morning the temperature you said it it seems cold and it is cold out there. This is nothing compared to what happens tomorrow. And then another wave event at the end of the week and then -- -- my government is the worst in January I can remember -- I've isn't what does this mean I have loved idol plays an hour of some of the city's so. I think this is her six. Snowstorm then yeah yeah -- -- Well in the winter for short is the December with the -- maybe December due but I just feel like. Conditional on March at this point by the amount -- -- I agree and then if you look at just how cold and anywhere Great Lakes northern plains they've spent and the sub -- is nothing -- -- he's like stop complaining about -- -- I'm just an -- and -- it was negative twenty what I want out of -- -- -- -- me smile let's just say now -- 27 -- who are thinking about everybody -- they're staying -- be careful because the roads -- Horrible horrible hanging there all day and enjoy your chase that there's someone -- were supposed to thank in January on the night -- -- I was specialty -- here's lady here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger, Lara and Amy try out Teavana's yellow tea on 'GMA Live!'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21613108","title":"Rare Yellow Tea Helps Cure GMA Live Anchors' Winter Blues","url":"/GMA/video/rare-yellow-tea-helps-cure-gma-live-anchors-21613108"}