Reaction to Michael Flynn's resignation

ABC News' Cecilia Vega and Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss conflicting statements from White House officials before Trump's inauguration and how the administration is reacting.
3:49 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Reaction to Michael Flynn's resignation
Matthew data kind of unbelievable. The whole story I mean every time we think this is on precedents if he gets more impressive this is the beginning of a saint Valentine's Day massacre and this were from Russia. With love and this I think that we have to look at this in three ways first. This is a contagion in a virus and largest. Don't the whole operation that's going on at the White House right now it's not just you thought the guy with a fever Michael Flynn. There's going to be an investigation of the whole thing the other thing we learned is as of today. We've learned that it's not okay to mislead the president and vice president. But is still okay to mislead the public who's been misled in this whole thing so. That's the question and then finally is a president governs. By his legal and his moral authority and both are in question this morning lots of talk about parents deceiving the one of the points in MacKey makes right there is that. We know there's an FBI investigation going on now but the Russian context intelligence investigation calls me intelligence committee. To look into this in the senate and the house as well but this is good intensify calls for an independent investigation as well. And it already is George. Democrats especially on Capitol Hill smell blood in this political water and they are not backing op as you can imagine but. Just take a look there's one treat that's out right now from former US ambassador rushed to Russia Michael McFall. He treated as Flynn steps down I have even more questions about the Russian role in our elections we need to investigate. This is not going to end right now the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is also saying that investigations need to continue. It's not surprisingly perhaps George the group that is quiet this morning Republicans on Capitol Hill there they're not really getting into this mess yet. Matthew got only about three and a half weeks and then to this administration not even coming up on the on the month long mark how to be reboot. Well I think you're Imke in total disarray now it in the moment of this are gonna have to replace embassy and national security advisor and the staff as we've always talked about the staff at the White House is actually more important cabinet officials and they spent more time and cabinet officials. And less time at step in Georgia remember we talked to date within days of the election and we talked about one of the main things that went dog. President trop. Was his the connections with Russia and we've learned one Michael Flynn had connections with structure he resigned Paul man fort had connections with Russia he resigned Carter page was a policy of ours there a connection with Russia he resigned so the whole Russian situation. Is still wide open. Raises real questions Jon Karl also about credibility right now MacKey suggested that as well pound the White House has had this information. For three weeks it didn't correct the record. Absolutely and George also questions about dysfunction at the National Security Council I have talked. Two I talk to a senior official of the Security Council who basically threw his hands up yesterday saying that he couldn't get answers or decisions made. And he thinks this is an incredibly busy time the president is pursuing. Changes big changes in US foreign policy. Foreign leader visits and you have this dysfunction at the top and as you mentioned. Our lack of you know within yeah a question of the record of what's told in the public eye you can't really it seems trust we're being told. And let me bring Pierre Thomas from just department back as well Pierre who initially when this information first came to selling it she knew and when. President Obama with still in office she's she questioned whether or not to bring this to the -- administration apparently at that time. James combing the FBI director resisted because his investigation is good is is ongoing and that investigation continues. The investigation continues again as I served earlier the key question is how many contacts are we talking about and what precisely was. General plan talking about where this who question ambassador. That's the key question they need to know that answer and so now the question becomes. Were there contacts prior. Two trump being elected whether it context during the campaign. These are all questions that the FBI and the Justice Department and the national security community wants to know the answers to. Long way to go thank you all very much.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega and Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss conflicting statements from White House officials before Trump's inauguration and how the administration is reacting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45478422","title":"Reaction to Michael Flynn's resignation","url":"/GMA/video/reaction-michael-flynns-resignation-45478422"}