'GMA,' Jess Cagle React to the Oscar Nominations

Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle shares his ideas on this year's nominees.
3:34 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for 'GMA,' Jess Cagle React to the Oscar Nominations
Eleven for Hugo ten -- -- six for money vol six for war poor's five for the descendants five for girl with the dragon tattoo and 44. The help immediately what jumped out you. Leo DiCaprio staying home yeah -- won't he won't be there for at. Extremely loud and incredibly close gets off the deck ignored it every other award show finally getting a best picture nomination there were seven of those and one for -- -- -- out for supporting actor. Yeah there was a lot of love for extreme about it -- that was surprising also surprising. The girl with the dragon tattoo left off the best picture list and David manager or director despite getting a DIA nomination directors -- What surprised. Why was extremely loud and incredibly close ignored to now it's a very difficult film to -- it's about September 11 that -- you over and over again but it's interesting. You -- you think Tom Hanks or -- Sandra Bullock could have gotten nominated supporting actor categories once again we see Oscars sort of judging you by your past work. You know -- on economic you've already won big award it was it was a strange strategy behind that movie they held it back they didn't show it to a lot of people's -- think a lot of the earlier critics awards just didn't they didn't see the move -- it was a really on the radar but obviously the strategy really paid off. For the Oscar campaign screenplay nominations both for Kristen -- and for George Clooney's all right now let's not celebrate what is with the popular movie like bridesmaids not happening but Hugo a movie that I don't know I didn't hear a lot about getting eleven. It was Martin's -- is a huge it's it's basically a big. -- Big budget movie about film preservation -- -- -- whole and -- -- -- What it means Clinton need not your thinking that -- you know popular movies are gonna walk away with these things and then you see this -- you -- pull than most nominations big pensions dogs doing new tricks we see Spielberg nominated for -- inventions of 1010 trying out a new performance capture things and -- -- says -- working in 3-D that's what received. To meet the moment of the morning was hearing everybody collectively. Gasped when Melissa McCarthy was nominated I think that is a great story this year. Mean what a role she's had. You know from TV show surprised. No I I'm I'm delighted really remember at the Golden Globe we saw her teary eyed with joy when her friend Olivia Octavia Spencer was nominated for supporting -- so they're gonna get together -- yeah. I don't Octavia. And Iowa three nominated from the help so. Just overall. -- look at as the early favorites let's start with what actors who do think we'll be in. It's really Merrill Merrill and -- I think it's too close to call at this point it is I think Michelle Williams -- as the shot there but those three definitely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tin as -- said -- you know -- -- -- are both real sentimental favorites. That the best NTT detail of soldiers five. Well reviewed in Gary -- hearings against get a whole again finally getting off the deck after getting a lot of support from the -- So -- in their with a bunch of nominated George Clooney is a lot I think I've agents got it as it. And the artist for best picture I think -- -- not -- best supporting actress. Best supporting actress it's really Octavia wind and Melissa had to had to -- all my grandma. Our and a great category all -- almost all first time nominees tremendous category really a loaded carrier -- -- if you didn't get -- -- -- -- hill's name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15428343,"title":"'GMA,' Jess Cagle React to the Oscar Nominations","duration":"3:34","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle shares his ideas on this year's nominees.","url":"/GMA/video/reactions-oscar-nominations-2012-gma-jess-cagle-15428343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}