Real Estate Agents Let Perspective Buyers Try Out New Homes

Potential homeowners take test run of homes before dropping big bucks.
2:22 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Real Estate Agents Let Perspective Buyers Try Out New Homes
much to get to in the program, josh. Can you test-drive a new house? That sounds incredible to me. I don't understand this. But it's like going on a first date with your house. So, how does this work? I love that you compared it to dating, first of all. Whether you're trying on a shirt or a car, we like to try things on before we buy them. Add some zeros to the price tag, like with a new home. And wouldn't it be nice to try that out, before dropping the big bucks? Take a look. An open house doesn't leave a lot of time to really check out a new place. How will you know if it gets good light? Or what about the water pressure? In a tiny apartment, people would -- what would they do without it? And they try it out. And they fall in love with it. Reporter: Enter the newest real estate trend known as try before you buy. Allowing potential buyers to spend time living in the space they intend to purchase. This gives opportunity for somebody to enjoy the house as much as the owner does. That's something we could never write up. Reporter: Anesthesiologist ray came to check this brown stone on new york's upper west side. While this place is gorgeous, he wanted to be sure. Great outdoor space. Reporter: Before he takes the plunge. I love to cool. I want to see how it feels to live here, cook here, sleep over. Reporter: While he will have the house for himself for the day, it's big enough for the both of us. Yay, fluffy pillows. A gold-plated faucet. And a little creeping on the waiters. Reporter: There's a dumb waiter. Seriously? That's scary looking. You can't feel truly at home until you've raided the kitchen. Refrigerator. Reporter: Since this is a bit out of my range, I'll leave roy to test drive the rest on his own. You're right. Yeah. It had to be done. There was a little bit of a -- does it work? Do you fall in love with the house? Lighting changes throughout a day. You don't know what you're going to get from the crazy neighbors. Staying for a period of time gives you a chance to check it all out. Just believe my place clean. I may have eaten the food. Thank you so much.

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{"id":20541739,"title":"Real Estate Agents Let Perspective Buyers Try Out New Homes","duration":"2:22","description":"Potential homeowners take test run of homes before dropping big bucks.","url":"/GMA/video/real-estate-agents-perspective-buyers-homes-20541739","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}