Real-Life 'Joy' Discusses the Story Behind the Upcoming Film

Joy Mangano talks about being the inspiration for the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.
5:07 | 12/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real-Life 'Joy' Discusses the Story Behind the Upcoming Film
A single mom comes up with an idea for a new-fangled mop, else is it on TV, and ends up selling millions and making billions. The few movie, "Joy," starring Jennifer Lawrence tells the story. Congratulations on your success. My fellow long islander. Oh, yes, right. And this incredible movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. David O. Russell directs. It's like, wait a minute. Could this be happening. There was David on the the other end of the phone. That started the most amazing creative path and then ended up with this incredible inspirational movie "Joy." And to be played by Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, my goodness. It doesn't get better than that. Hi, would you like to try a new mop? It's self-wringing. You can remove the mop head, throw it in the washing machine. No germs. No. No. You want to try it? Self-wring? See? Know other mop does this. Number one actress in the world. It's a funny thing. From the moment we met, within a short period of time, we were finishing each other's sentences. I'm sure people will go, really? A giant Hollywood Christmas blo blockbuster about a woman who invented a cool mop. It's so much more. It's very ins Prag nal. So many of us have, you know, ideas and inspirations. And the mop just represents all of that. Hi, I'm joy manninggano and I invented the miracle mop. If you go after it and believe in yourself, that's the message. When you have a dream, making it a reality is a bold thing to do. Many of us find that we grow up, we have a family, start doing things. It kind of moves us away from our passion. But if you are able to stick to that and to matter what anybody says, and follow flu with it and then be successful with it, but success in a way that's so natural for me. It means helping other people with my products. That's what success is. Mission accomplished. We want to inspire and encourage people to do what you've done and follow their dreams. So we have two wonderful ladies over here. Sure, let's go. We've named this segment life's a pitch. With a "P." With a "P." Okay. You stand here. Meet Nadine and Jennifer. Two butting entrepreneurs. They each have a product. They would like to each pitch you and would you let them know if nay have a glimmer of hope? I'll give it my best shot if you give it yours. The stretchable, spill proof bottle cap. Stretch the G cap over any beverage bottle and insert any straw. It's that simple. I like the nice, concise pitch. Absolutely. I wish I had that when hi children were little. You can do it with that and many kinds of bottles. Correct? Yes. It fits many sizes. Jennifer, you're up. Hi, joy. Have you ever cut yourself in the kitchen before? Never again. Chop, glide, slide. The vegetable peeler, pop it on. The hot meat attach blt. Slice the meat without getting burned. What's nice is it's collapsible for easy storage. Bpa-free and proudly made in the usa. Well is that correct so important. And very easy to use and solves a problem that we have when we're cutting, right? In many ways, very ingenious. The sign of a great product is that it soflts a problem. I heard you say that. I was like, that's it. You guys solve problems. And easy. And user friendly. That will impact somebody's day. Soy think they're both fan louse. I actually want both. That is -- you want both? I do. I do the. I still spill and I'm not a child. So see, it's for everybody. I want it for my Italian oil bottle the. To get the blegsz of joy is one thing. About $10,000 for each of you to get going. Oh, my gosh. Oh! Oh, my gosh. From the movie, "Joy." From the movie, "Joy, yts that inspires women like you, anybody like you to go follow through. I'm so proud of you. Go follow your dreams. I have chills. Keep going, girls. Thank you so much. We want to thank joy for giving them $10,000 each to create their dreams. And? This just in. The final countdown to Christmas is here.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Joy Mangano talks about being the inspiration for the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35885313","title":"Real-Life 'Joy' Discusses the Story Behind the Upcoming Film","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-joy-discusses-story-upcoming-film-35885313"}