Danny Boome's Recipe Rehab for Holiday Classics

YouTube's breakout star finds healthier ways to make some of the "GMA" gang's favorite treats.
3:09 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Danny Boome's Recipe Rehab for Holiday Classics
We're talking about christmas with 12 days of cooking. Sometimes it's hard to resist our guilty pleasures. We all have our favorite. But we are lucky to have chef danny boome. And he is taking some of our favorite guilty pleasures of the holidays and reducing the fat, the calories, by quite a bit. And I want to start with sam's. I didn't know this about you. Your guilty pleasure is caramel chocolate popcorn. We can't say the name. We like to take one family dish and give it to two chefs. They convert it into a healthier option. I didn't believe you made that healthy. We made it healthier. I'm going to take this off and show you the calories. The bad is, per serving -- That's not going to look good on the wedding dress. Oh. You're never going to fit in your wetsuit. I never knew that. The bad calories, 695 calories per serving. And 35 grams of fat. That's horrible. Shall we have a look at the good one? Yes. Let's move quickly to the good one. Okay. So, the good one -- looks pretty. Now, there's a thing you're going to notice straight away. Come on. Let's hear it. You're going to notice more flavor in it. I taste the chocolate. What we did, you hhe store-bought here. We made our own caramel, with brown sugar, butter and light corn syrup. Then, we used dark chocolate. There's a big bunch of chocolate. And you make your own popcorn at home. It's a cheaper version, as well. The good facts -- we passed everything down. 325 calories and 10 g of fat. I want to show everybody. That's the verdict there. What a big difference. My guilty pleasure is my mom's garlic mashed potatoes. Absolutely. It's not a bad thing to have. But it's the things you put in. We're going to offer you choices now. Normally, you put lots of butter in. Half and half. The garlic's great for flavor. You're going to kiss your children good night. You want to keep the garlic down. So, looking at your dish, the bad is -- that's the good, right? This is the bad. And we're trying -- 141. And what are the two things you did? We got uconn gold potatoes, which are lighter and less starchy. They're good. Light butter. And a little bit of sour cream. Listen, everybody. We've got your recipes. We want to see your show. "Recipe rehab" on saturdays, abc. Go to our website for those recipes, george's, everybody

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{"id":18035799,"title":"Danny Boome's Recipe Rehab for Holiday Classics","duration":"3:09","description":"YouTube's breakout star finds healthier ways to make some of the \"GMA\" gang's favorite treats.","url":"/GMA/video/recipe-rehab-danny-boome-gma-chef-makes-holiday-18035799","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}