How to Recover Missing Airline Miles

ABC's "The Fixer" helps travelers retrieve airline miles that seem to just disappear.
2:39 | 11/19/16

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Transcript for How to Recover Missing Airline Miles
How about you but I am has averted that it mildly obsessed racking up frequent flier miles from my credit card may. So a lot. This isn't public on affording them. But about what happened. If they just disappear that they can't let happen what manner when he raided hit turbulence. Try to get them back he turned to be ABC news fixed. Not Wenzel says he has the best job in town. He's the editor of the local newspaper in tiny Oakland Maryland. To pay the bills he uses a business credit cards from Barkley card that earns miles. Allow god likes using to take some pretty cool trips. All made possible by those cards and point of perks until all gotten. It's something was definitely. Wrong not it was still spending but he's American Airlines Boeing is more pain I talked to Barkley cards month. After month after month finally someone partly card at the glitz that had been sending down flowing into a laughable. Let 91000. Miles were still missing. More than enough for three cross country round trip flight act while the customer service reps could seep into the system. No one could hand back it was the epitome of exasperation. You feel totally helpless. And you sense they're never going to fix this so called an ABC news Spitzer. Our think there Stephanie Zimmermann swung into. Action I wanted to talk to you about what happened Stephanie contacted an executive at partly art and fifteen days they've restored Dunn's misty points and promised him 20000. More jobs for his trouble put. What exactly happened. Work hardest hit the cart originally was issued through another bank and when he took over a data error occurred. Our hearts said the mistake was not widespread and they think that excerpt for bringing it to their attention and so how can you stop something like this from happening to you keep. Good track of your point there's lots of online tools to track everything your earning seven goal seeing know what you're saving for and when you'll get it. Grated I think there in Indiana consumer problem for the ABC news fixing you can find Stephanie Slash six or she is -- recovered one point eight million dollars for frustrated consumers maybe shall. Picture problem right here has to be consumer problem right I was. I don't know and I got a lot of things not true. And that's it there are featured a constant trouble with an.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"ABC's \"The Fixer\" helps travelers retrieve airline miles that seem to just disappear. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43653856","title":"How to Recover Missing Airline Miles","url":"/GMA/video/recover-missing-airline-miles-43653856"}