Recycle Your Wardrobe for Kate Middleton's Look

"The Chew's" Clinton Kelly shows you how to transform your outfits into a royal style.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Recycle Your Wardrobe for Kate Middleton's Look
One of the many, many things we love about kate middleton is how sheecycles her fashion. Creating new looks with a new accessory, or a jacket, on a look we've seen before. Regular people do it. But to see a royal do it is really inspiring. One of the things that we love about clinton kelly on "what not to wear," and "the chew," is how we can do the same thing without the royal wardrobe. We have four looks. What's the plan? They revolve around the one item, a bright jacket. That's a key piece for the fall. I'll show you how to do it four different ways. Number one, please. Number one. Let's talk about the beautiful bright jacket. You're going to see jackets like this. Every bright color. You can wear it in so many different ways. I used your interns as models. I hope you didn't mind. Come on over, gorgeous girls. Come over here. I like the outfit without the jacket, too. The idea being, this is a great look for work. A pencil skirt, and ablouse, and bright jacket. The colors and the blouse really dictate what you can pair with it. There's bright pink and orange in the blouse. You can wear the jacket with that. I love it. I love all of the features. I imagine you can mix and match them all with different things. I give women this advi when you go shopping, you need to make sure that everything you buy goes with two other things in your wardrobe. And you can wear them different. Go to work. Casual. Day-to-day look. Pass on the jacket. This is the sisterhood of the traveling orange jacket. It is. We have a great retro look, with the crop pants. And you throw the bright . You take your neutral and add a bright pop of color. Looks a little more evening to me with the jacket. That's the great thing about this trend. It goes from day to evening simpley. How do we do it with shorts? A lot of warm weather still to come. This is when you can use your wall wardrobe a little sooner. Take your shorts, pair the neutral blouse. That looks really cute. And you pop the bright jacket. A little bit of neutrals, some prints, adding the bright. And I just want to show this look. Before you put the jacket on it. This is very much in my wheel house. I love the pencil skirt, and the monochromatic. And then, what you've done is so fabulous. Add the bright jacket. That looks great. of thing. Also really great for day-to-evening. This is a wonderful way to take something from day-to-evening. You wear the jacket during the day. And then, you go dancing and take the jacket off. The jacket's appropriate for nighttime, too. I do. Would you like to try the jacket? The sisterhood of the bright jacket. It's more versatile than you might think. Wait. My bracelets are stuck. Hold on. Will you hold this? Okay. Look at that. This is a jacket we bought on sale for a little less than $100. And you can wear it five different ways in your life. That's really $20, huh? That's true. It's like 20 bucks. The things you learn on "what not to wear." These are great ideas, I have to say. You're longing very case middleton. All of them, mix and match. Clinton kelly, so great on "the chew. "What not to wear," tuesdays on tlc. Today, it was all about what to

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{"id":17001578,"title":"Recycle Your Wardrobe for Kate Middleton's Look","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Chew's\" Clinton Kelly shows you how to transform your outfits into a royal style.","url":"/GMA/video/recycle-wardrobe-kate-middletons-17001578","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}