Patricia Cornwell on Key to Scarpetta's Success

Bestselling novelist dishes on new book "Red Mist" and how she draws in readers.
2:48 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Patricia Cornwell on Key to Scarpetta's Success
Gonna go to the number one crime novelist in the world Patricia Cornwell is new novel red mist is in nineteen featuring medical examiner doctor case -- -- a Angelina Jolie is lighted place for -- in the movie version of red mist and Nightline anchor Terry Moran met up with hormel to talk all about. If you really want to get to know Patricia Cornwell. Take a ride on her chopper. Kelly yes -- here she's in her balance swooping and soaring handling complicated aircraft with skill and precision. Just like she does with the intense and tangled plots of her novels. Don't want -- -- -- you wanna thicket -- street dental like they collect from. Doesn't like to be forced to go belly -- you can -- you do your dance with it. Corn wells literary -- a two decade long series of gripping crime novels nineteen of them featuring the ace medical examiner. Doctor -- -- -- thoroughly modern heroine with a steely intelligence. And knack for making messy crime scenes speak their secrets. I often say that I created -- had his world and and the characters but -- just as much created me. I wouldn't be sitting here today if it wasn't for. -- had -- and all her comrades we caught up with Cornwell at the national forensic academy in Knoxville Tennessee where she is a major benefactor. We don't want to get blood on issues like. And where she and I Don protective gear to get a look at how human blood spatter evidence really works. -- -- -- Is dead and this is a keyed a phenomenal success when it comes to crime scenes blood and bullets or knives admit this is actually more for decapitated people Patricia Cornwell really knows her stuff. That's interest it's very different pattern then the baseball that you talk about the blood. Evidence. But it eloquent blood wants to tell what happened -- its its. It's the life force. Just determined not to let you get away with -- That's passion that conviction that the -- dead speak to -- -- crime scene evidence. That's -- always driven her and her Alter ego. He -- -- what is it about what case -- had a does get to grill so many readers that that draws us here. Because it's tapping into a part of human nature that is so fundamental and so strong and all of us which is first of all to face what we fear. The best thing about -- panda. Though from a psychological point of view. Is you know that when she arrives somehow she's going to make it better. For Patricia Cornwell and her millions of readers that's the secret in the chaos of every crime scene lie the clues that can lead us to a better place. To justice. For Good Morning America Terry Moran ABC news.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Bestselling novelist dishes on new book \"Red Mist\" and how she draws in readers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15095012","title":"Patricia Cornwell on Key to Scarpetta's Success","url":"/GMA/video/red-mist-adaptation-star-angelina-jolie-15095012"}