Red Wedding Bad? 'Game of Thrones' Star Says This Sunday Just as Shocking

The "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and "Game of Thrones" actor goes one-on-one with Peter Travers about dual starring roles.
11:10 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Red Wedding Bad? 'Game of Thrones' Star Says This Sunday Just as Shocking
It's almost forgot can't have armed prisoners. As -- -- -- -- Once they see -- as one of their own even the test is dragons can be trained right but we -- Gary do you -- it no games we just economy drive around. Why because I'm going to change his mind about drinking -- can change yours. -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and you there's a movie now called how to train your dragon to. Which spans of the first one are going to love and -- can -- -- in a completely different -- And one of the -- actors in the movie kit Harrington is -- he's also celebrating this weekend. The end of season four game with rounds but now he's area some -- there so kit are you some of it. I'll call on some of David Ayala doesn't work is where everybody film -- in them in Iceland and not so we united few political debut Davidson. If you've been and mother's cool okay you how gestalt. So I come off -- You have -- -- this is just come off. Forget the union speech here is here is -- this is such a fun movie. With something underneath it so just explain a little bit about who -- senator it's. We'll have reunites him from what guard because you always announces himself is some of Barrett and and one of the things are really love about this -- -- its. All of the time is -- -- You know parents and it's a -- I think I think it doesn't you know the -- -- the over in January and he's got this kind of gang of -- narrowly. Maybe next time he's got this kind whose lives on the -- -- I saw it and they'll call for themselves. And he sort of an orphan with all these other -- some guys he looks off. And so -- kind of I'd. And and he's got any chemicals and he's -- big brash society. He wants to seize control of the things around in. And peace and -- and he's a survivor and is I think he's canyon so often these -- -- Trucks Huggins says. -- of this. But is trapped in those dragons four track is to ease he goes to work for the dark side. Yeah he's he's sort of but it's that kind of survival thing -- -- -- if he doesn't bring -- dragons to drug. I feel like -- integrity explicitly said in the meeting but if I feel like he he doesn't have a choice he's good at what he does but he's been. Sort of like like a lot of people on -- if he's been just sort of taken on the commodities and invaded by two about this -- -- good -- -- -- all. He's just doing what he has to justify them make sure -- friends around suffice. What is that voice of -- senator. Average voices is quite -- -- started is scandinavians. Doses. In -- Swedish and if you have this on a very silly up and down acts and it goes up and down like that and and then not didn't work a -- with with -- we certainly -- -- -- -- loosens its -- -- but this is touring Borden -- manual as he's a bit of irony that have allowed. I just -- -- -- in the media actually has it. Hasn't English and the coastal sharks and so they put Americans. Who have been seems to him with a bit of a -- of you know cotton -- so thing -- -- -- mission -- to these NH is in these. That's -- -- kind of what boisterous thing in different. So of all these people that you're not actually working with what you do when you're doing voice work but that you meet when you're doing press for the -- Or that you come together who's the biggest. Came from street in that batch -- inhabiting lectured by Irish is he really yeah I'm not surprised Ken Shelton is on the -- You know he AM he watches everything by the way he's a real maybe TV from a certain he's. He -- that he loves the hours humorous question. You know I'd done to community is concerned. Never expect anyone to see him and -- -- of them -- and street. So he's immunized with so this is this is this silent hill whose son -- why. In -- slaves to -- Can you walk on the streets of London where you live I missed him. He of people in London -- You know London a more cynical. As one of London this there's a -- that is cynics have phils keep -- the economic. You know it's not there's -- kind of -- excitement. Behind. Just -- another -- sorry London's finding it. It's -- you'll keep get you get -- it's much that. Well I mean look what. -- now we're about this weekend to to end season for. But everybody out there are no spoilers -- because it's been seen this pen ultimate campus. On the wall. Is huge moment for jobs. Yes it's starting point he has one of these -- seasonally for -- to shoot but this is that this is in my own way. He -- to I think one thing. It was really important not sort of using guns to point -- in in the middle of the season tickets in the face numerous -- -- fight this. Point you see him. This distraught his -- To -- of two to to get the right place and then just often. He he -- -- is the one thing Judy you know. When you talk I'm assuming you've talked to George -- about. What you're doing you're not just read the books -- -- talked. I tend not to really know I don't I don't pick Georgia's Brian and any of this. -- he talked on the Tibet something else -- yet if I talked to anyone about what. What might be going when my captain what they should be doing her from doing anything Wright State's statement down. But George -- a you know he will -- to you if you want to he's isn't old stuff. I tend to think he's got enough people. Picking his brain of I don't wanna be Austin and I than me womanizer and I kind of -- -- ownership of -- mind right now. When you look back it -- -- front for these four seasons and I'm assuming your prepping for season five. Starting -- now starting to to do what -- -- the two or three moments that resonate for you. In -- jobs now what of those moments that you read -- There -- many. And what the -- one would have been. My one and and he says mercy mission being -- say -- -- -- I mean of facts and oppositional -- quite amazing actually he's goes on the in the eyes she's pitched really -- to -- in. And your father he had other would be the fight -- going off on in the season -- good job. Which was so. And we'd be emotionally draining because we -- flights -- deep snow time and it was. That's one of my favorite scenes. -- been involved in. -- -- -- I'm really like the fight scene -- the end of three US -- credit situation. -- -- right away those ones I think. What's the game thrown scene that you're not in. What I thought if you're not in it all that green is it three. That's it could point business. This. Heat -- -- many think -- I was Sony asking for war. I'll just go out and say that the red wedding but -- so obvious. Even though I think -- Michelle Friday's performance the end of the -- -- -- that and she just that now. -- I think who was beaten. Build up of three news book. By. To about one point -- who comes launched it hold it. I think that was. The best performance given in the whole show. So it. Another one me to say goodbye to -- that. What we always in the show. -- -- It is called yes we do. Can I do you know this is your first time on the show to do it now a member of the cast of don't you know -- bet money that I couldn't get you to do a snippet of song. So I want you to note that this is important. Name them on the wars on my talent but if you tell me and John -- mothers. Yeah. And -- it now nobody and -- George Martin could've told. Wouldn't idea but this song could be anything from your child. -- -- animated movie he could be anywhere I'm not even asking for the whole thing just that little -- -- -- -- -- Point to whoever this person was I was putting their -- -- amusement and concern is who was -- -- but it's something. He is mr. this was an excellent -- -- I think until I here's it's little. He said. I -- and one guess -- Gina -- oh what the annual budget and and is lousy rule is. More soldiering and will mean no one -- that again Muslim giving that was all but I -- Still hope that's enough I had the money you have the zone. -- Harrington who was it done what I'm gonna say this on the air I'd be killed because. -- I might tell you later OK but it does that person is watching I'm not ever tell. Whether it's game -- -- whether it's this way above the level. -- animated movies that you've seen in had a trip objected to this is great work these are two things that are gonna live forever. You know the kind of responsibility that and -- -- Congratulations on being part of -- to thank you thank you for being an Amish thank you -- yet. -- --

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{"id":24111408,"title":"Red Wedding Bad? 'Game of Thrones' Star Says This Sunday Just as Shocking","duration":"11:10","description":"The \"How to Train Your Dragon 2\" and \"Game of Thrones\" actor goes one-on-one with Peter Travers about dual starring roles.","url":"/GMA/video/red-wedding-bad-game-thrones-star-kit-harington-24111408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}