How to Refashion Summer Styles for Fall

As the season changes, layering and accessorizing can turn summer staples into fashionable fall outfits.
2:09 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for How to Refashion Summer Styles for Fall
Of course, summer is winding down, but you may not be ready to put away that warm weather wardrobe just yet so Sara Haines has great tips on how to take your favorite summer styles and refashion them for fall. ? Reporter: Fall may be right around the corner, but guess what, that doesn't mean you need to put away your warm weather wardrobe. Up ser is coming to an end. Yes. Do very to get rid of everything. No, not at all. It's about layering on some newness and taking the items you love for summer and making them your own for fall. Reporter: I stop by gywnnie bee, a rental service. Sad to put that summer favorite dress to the back of the closet, don't think about it. Take that great dress and pair it with this black blazer with a little zipper detail and wear it to the office paired with a great strappy heel. You can tell with that black it totally changes the look. What about trendy floral printed blouse with a summery Jean skirt you wore all summer and now it can look fab in the fall with just a few minor changes. I love this printed shirt. Here your favorite summer blouse with jewel tone, whether it's a great skirt like this or a pair of pants, instantly it becomes fall. Reporter: Finally a tunic or mini dress can easily carry itself into fall. What did you do with this look. With Eva we took the white denim a summer staple and traded it in for a great pair of denim that has a wax finish in black. Also a great gold detail and basically accessorized her with great jewelry and also a new version of a sandal for fall. You can keep your toes out during the fall. Absolutely. Reporter: As we head into fall be sure to savor the last of summer with your favorite warm weather wears. Now not only does this mean you can keep your favorite summer staples around a lot longer it's also great news for women on a budget with just a few tweaks you have a brand-new look for fall. Those are great tip, thank you, Sara Haines. I needed that help from someone that was an expert? We can all use it. To our girl, ginger, where are

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"As the season changes, layering and accessorizing can turn summer staples into fashionable fall outfits. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33380235","title":"How to Refashion Summer Styles for Fall ","url":"/GMA/video/refashion-summer-styles-fall-33380235"}