Regis Philbin Discusses Retiring

Longtime host discusses illustrious career and new book, "How I Got This Way."
4:42 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Regis Philbin Discusses Retiring
One of our great friends is moving on -- just saying goodbye -- live with. Regis and Kelly of Friday hard to imagine life without 28 glorious year's -- -- glory is. -- -- you don't want what is also -- how I got this way. You're wonderful charming engaging book that just peasants a little bit of that -- -- -- -- -- sports -- right -- let me get you some stats 28 years. In New York 28 years and -- in LA. More than 171000. Hours on television will not not won't be closing about 70000 the I don't wanna tax -- closing in on seventeen counts of more than a hundred co hosts as guests. As as -- yes. You know when you when you just sit back and you think about all of those wonderful memories I say to myself when I doing here. -- What makes you so. So you you're so relatable we ask our guests our viewers. Two to weigh in on what their favorite clips and this is one of their favorite ones they had set it up for -- because we love how you do the phone call had yet to your viewers and so there was a hang up and menu and Kelly called back. -- did little -- and excellence much. I heard that before. Yeah hello Diana. -- Regis and Kelly from New York. -- -- -- -- -- What would do it -- Don't you just give us already about thirty seconds ago -- I had a woman on -- -- Few moments yeah. They've -- -- up. Only -- you have -- yeah. It you don't have. But I'm not -- number. They could talk to you like I don't know a lot of us from just that he who did I don't. Well anyway that's the way it goes on our show what will -- There is something different to people of your touch at all mean that you look -- people are -- out there are always out there oh. What do you got updates and nothing but the -- at a garden patch yet that's another thing that web -- is always considered a Broadway. But we're doing here what are. Currently -- -- I guess is now looking back. Calling god -- GMA very conservative foreign stocks and everything like that. You and your beautiful book all of its shots today I know it does and youths after each chapter have things that you. They say you take away that I have -- -- from these people who live at my head and learned from -- here so what have you learned from this whole experience from the whole experience in need of my television who. Be yourself I've always tried that because. And he if you see the book peoples of what was your tablets in the beginning of frankly I had -- out I was in the cigarette with the -- -- -- of those things. And until I finally. With myself and had a chance to be myself and instead of Reading somebody's jokes. Told that -- story that happened to me. On live TV that's that's what I learned about myself why I think I speak for all of your fans this is something at the end of winning -- chapters which took away. Good byes are never fun but certain people don't necessarily have to leave your life altogether. Nor should there. That's right and you're not leaving -- -- -- -- -- hang around have a lot to. I really have -- -- -- -- before the you have so much that you have given us and are gonna continue to give us any insect filled in for you. They Sheila operative and a boost have to get and analysts -- when I came back. Idea are clearly at battle locked up well. Sam -- you don't get this by the way how many careers this man has made because he's the first -- to pull me off a local television -- And allow me to do -- that he created. There's no -- -- it also he said I didn't. Thousands. Of dollars of under the table money he finally let me let -- do this. So aren't -- with Tony Bennett today Teddy -- event it was on the -- what a thrill he offered to sing a song with me you know little go by thing. And divert wrenched my throat last night it was illegal kinds of things in your shell when you're -- moral gonna try to -- -- and Tony live -- -- the in the morning what we're all gonna be there Friday for -- fund which you guys who played terrific yearly land and water show you've got now obviously got to just gets -- -- Good yeah.

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{"id":14955439,"title":"Regis Philbin Discusses Retiring","duration":"4:42","description":"Longtime host discusses illustrious career and new book, \"How I Got This Way.\"","url":"/GMA/video/regis-philbin-strolls-gma-set-days-count-final-14955439","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}