Reince Priebus on 'Excitement' Over GOP Race

The Republican National Committee chairman discuss the race for the nomination.
3:34 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Reince Priebus on 'Excitement' Over GOP Race
-- us from San Diego's Republican national committee chair ranks previous mr. previous good morning thank you -- pick up with what Jonathan was just talking about. Which is how muddled this race seems to be one week out why hasn't any single Republican candidate managed to capture and -- A public momentum. Well I mean I don't know buy if I if I would get. Two uptight over that Elizabeth them in the fact of the matter is is that people around the country and especially in Iowa want to make sure that. Their decision is sound -- I think it's really important to this country that that we put up a candidate that Smart and articulate and and that can that can beat this president save this country economically so I think what you're seeing. Quite frankly is a lot of excitement on the Republican side of the aisle that's a horse race there's no doubt about it. But you know let's put in perspective -- -- we haven't had. One single primary yet there's going to be fifty of them this is going to be just the start. We're excited about this and -- -- you work goes but and -- what we'll get there and we'll have a nominee pretty quickly. And right now -- one of the leaders in the polls is Newt Gingrich it's no secret that many of the Republican congressman who served with mr. Gingrich do not think that he is fit to be president do you think he -- fit to be president. Of course I think he's fit to be president. And and obviously we've got a president a White House that you know before he took office two years earlier was a state senator from. Illinois and how us that's served our country remain quite frankly there are fewer people -- -- today than there were four years ago. And I just think that America is ready to put a person in the White House that can make a promise and keep a promise and you know I think that's where this where this election's going to go it's going to be a referendum on Barack Obama and I think people are ready to move. Line and given the fact however that we -- seemed to have it is as somebody put at almost the flavor of the week when it comes to Republican front runner. How concerned are you about a third party candidate -- Donald Trump for example. Jumping in the race at the last minute and siphoning off Republican votes. You know I'm not worried about that Elizabeth in I've got to worry about the Republican side of the island and quite frankly I think some of these third party candidates will probably take more votes away from Barack Obama. Then then from our candidates so. I'm not worried about that what I'm worried about is making sure that we put -- a good candidate on the ballot. Because 70%. Of Americans across the country feel that were on the wrong track and and I think that's a really bad news for this president so it's an opportunity for us to do our part. On the Republican side of the -- -- come through for the American people with with a candidate that that they can believe in and that we can put in the White House that helped save this. What are the chances we might see one of those gentlemen jump into the race at the last minute. In. First -- is pretty small. But you know the primary process is gonna take some time. We've got some early states here in January -- Nevada coming up in. February -- Nevada is the only state that has a full slate. Of delegates and that doesn't come until February. And then there's going to be a break and then there's a Super Tuesday and march 6. It's a race to a little over 11100 delegates. It'll take some time but in the end this is for the better for our country. Mr. previous thanks so much for being here with us this morning and we'll see what happens -- week from today and I laughed.

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{"id":15238357,"title":"Reince Priebus on 'Excitement' Over GOP Race","duration":"3:34","description":"The Republican National Committee chairman discuss the race for the nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/reince-priebus-excitement-gop-race-mitt-romney-newt-15238357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}