Reince Priebus Speaks Out on Donald Trump, Presidential Race

The Republican National Committee chairman reacts on "GMA" to Trump's attacks on the presidential nomination process.
3:10 | 04/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reince Priebus Speaks Out on Donald Trump, Presidential Race
Thanks, Tom. More on this from the chair of the republican national committee reince priebus. He joins us from Washington. Thanks for joining us. You heard Donald Trump complaining about the rigged rules on the republican side. He also has an op-ed in this morning's "Wall Street journal." Here's what he says. What we are seeing now is not a proper use of the rues but a flag grant abuse of the rules. Delegates are supposed to reflect the decisions of voters but the system is being rigged by party operatives with double agent delegates who reject the decision of voters. Your response? Well, look, the rules were put out there over a year ago. It's up to the campaigns to understand them, so in a vote system, depending on the outcome of the vote candidates receive delegates. Those candidates must vote for that candidate, for that winner, so they're actually bound to vote for the winner, nothing is being taken away. And then when those elections happen for who those delegates are in those states, that's the process of the campaigns intimately involved with and who wins those elections and who doesn't is up to the campaigns to make sure that those people win and that's what he's complaining about. Mr. Trump also writing that he wants to reform the system, wants to work with you to reform the system. Do you think the system needs reform and have you spoken with Mr. Trump about it? Well, I mean the system has been around for a long time. It was good enough for Abraham Lincoln. I think it's good enough for whoever our nominee is going to be. So, look, this is democracy in action. Both political parties use a similar system. The other piece of this is that this is a convention and I think that we're losing sight of what the word convention actually means. It is a coming together of our party members to write rules of our party, to elect officers, that's what conventions are. You say it's a coming together. It sounds like it's going to be a breaking apart. No, you know what I mean. It's the coming together of delegates to write the rules and elect officers. And that's what we're doing. But meantime, the democrats are making hay of this. The chair Debbie Wasserman Shults saying they are in a civil war food fight. At the end of their convention the republican party will not be the republican party of today and will likely blow themselves to smithereens. Aren't you worried about a convention where no no one ishappy. Debbie doesn't have any room to talk. They're gouging each other's eyes out and the director of the FBI is reviewing a possible indictment of Hillary Clinton. So, I mean, I don't think she's got anywhere to talk but, no, it isn't easy. I'm not trying to claim it isn't and there is drama but that's what our party needs to do, come together, pick a nominee, come together and put our eye on the prize which is the white house but we're having a conversation who that person will be and it hasn't happened potentially since 1940. We'll see. Mr. Chairman, thanks for joining us this morning. You bet. Boy, you know, this long fight taking a toll on all sides. It really is, George.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"The Republican National Committee chairman reacts on \"GMA\" to Trump's attacks on the presidential nomination process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38420425","title":"Reince Priebus Speaks Out on Donald Trump, Presidential Race","url":"/GMA/video/reince-priebus-speaks-donald-trump-presidential-race-38420425"}