Reinventing Education: Bill Gates Takes a Controversial Stance for School Reform.

The Microsoft billionaire on his new educational venture, congressional gridlock and What's App.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reinventing Education: Bill Gates Takes a Controversial Stance for School Reform.
Hello everyone and welcome to power players -- George Stephanopoulos and we're joined today by someone certainly qualifies the world's wealthiest man. Businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates thank you very much for doing this. Hey you know -- started out with such wide bipartisan support did you do you know you -- -- such a hornet's nest. Night I think it's such. And exciting thing -- how high standards have quality standards -- thrilled this is moving forward. And disappointed that through confusion. Various groups. Its implementation is actually at risk and some states at risk. What other states looking at delays are looking -- -- with the status quo now. Is that place for people get discouraged from even if they go on to call it a lot of them -- put remedial classes. And never complete calling so we've got to improve math education on the top of the -- -- -- the country to -- of course seems to be taking. Criticism from various -- got a conservative -- who say this is just that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Term of federal control over education. Well a common course not a curriculum and doesn't tell you how to teach that smaller federal takeover Tea Party is convinced it is. Well -- that -- we need to get the facts out of they want congress to pass a bill saying they'll never tell us what to do. -- find out won't stop the idea that state by state. They should make a decision on top of their students have high standards quality standards and if possible to -- those two primary goals. Consistent standards but you've got the head of the NEA saying the role it's been completely botched. The head of AFP Randi Weingarten said the roll out of health care America is nothing compared to the roll out. Of common course in these -- your supporters for the rollout is. State by state this is local stop and in some locations. They have a legitimate point that. A number of supports being put in place and few cases even the speed need. -- go back and looked -- it. That's a very different question and saying we should move towards the column for do you put a lot of time and a lot of money into this effort he summarized. Why it's so important here. America. Is the land of equal opportunity. And the reality is we're not. Delivering on that promise. When. Blowing come. Households. And up in public schools. That don't educate their kids well. We're what you think of this -- this new research. -- coming out the growing inequality is kind of inexorable and those at the very top are going to be grabbing more and more. The income if you look at the results. Before -- the involvement of government. The answer -- yes we have. The government that you know house progressive taxation system he earned income tax credit that can. -- the raw. Inequality in and tell them -- and poverty is gone down at -- completely bleak story -- -- people don't agree -- that they think assistants Rick. Well certainly. There are things in the tax code. Because of its complexity. That are probably over favorable to the top half the reason the upper incomes went up it's not because of something in the tax code. That's because if -- really good -- investing money you're really good it coming up what's -- idea. You know -- a company with 55 people what's -- to spot for 1950. Years ago. No 56 person company was spot for nineteen million dollars and that's a good thing you know the fact that felt like well at least -- -- 191000004. I think Mark Zuckerberg made a bold move there and -- hope it works out for him. Not everybody would have done about stayed -- At -- -- he mentioned the important role of government and in stabilizing. That dynamic. But I've heard you say that you don't think it's working right now. The quality of the dialogue is a concern and that the closer you get to the system. -- -- say -- I'm -- this thing works at all and you look at that the popularity of our politicians. It's -- paradox to say. We're -- democracy in their popularly elected but they're not popular. You know always that open minded to what ideas people have so that we have a calm and dialogue. About competitiveness. Equal opportunity -- medical costs. Get our best minds and not just yelling need each other and you know making personal attacks thanks very much for your time today. That is all for this edition -- place thanks for joining us have a great --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Microsoft billionaire on his new educational venture, congressional gridlock and What's App.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22962177","title":"Reinventing Education: Bill Gates Takes a Controversial Stance for School Reform.","url":"/GMA/video/reinventing-education-bill-gates-takes-controversial-stance-school-22962177"}