Rejuvenation nation: Expert health and wellness tips to kick off the new year

Dr. Whitney Bowe and dietitian Maya Feller share their top tips for how to get healthy from the inside out in 2018.
5:40 | 01/01/18

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Transcript for Rejuvenation nation: Expert health and wellness tips to kick off the new year
Now to our rejuvenation nation, helping you start healthy habits from the inside out and we're here with dietitian and nutritionist Maya feller and Dr. Whitney Bowe. We're going to get to you in a moment. Maya, we begin with you. Tell us about the nutrition points we should be focusing on in 2018. First of all, happy new year. I want to say that it's really important to focus on reducing the inflammatory foods, increasing the anti-inflammatory foods, staying well hydrated and paying attention to prebiotic intake. We're going to get specific on all of those things. We begin with the food that affects inflammation. Which ones are we talking about? The pro inflammatory foods are filled with added sugars, salt and fat. Here that is right here. The stuff is that tastes good. It's what we have just come off of eating in the holidays. We've been having more cookies, soda, cake and that increases the risk of heart disease and increases gas and bloating and distension. For weight management when we engage in this type of behavior on a regular basis, it's not healthy. I've cut that out of my life and I've never felt better, I have to say. Absolutely. What about the foods that are actually good to eat. I'm assuming that's what these are. That's exactly what these are. This is a gorgeous plethora of anti-inflammatory foods. We have some of our heart healthy nuts. They have cardio protective benefits. We see olive oil. Part of the mediterranean diet. I personally love it. We have berries, tons of antioxidan antioxidants, spinach and citrus. Honestly, you feel so much better when you eat this versus this. The research shows that when you engage in eating pro inflammatory foods you crave it more. Your body wants it but we want your body to have this. Your body needs liquid so we have a lot of liquid in front of us. Absolutely. These two cylinders, it looks like a ton of water. 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 for men. I know that's lot but you can get hydration from water as well as food. What I have in the front is ginger, cayenne and lemon, my favorite way to make a nice new year's hot beverage. We also have coffee beans. Coffee can be hydrating in moderation. For people who are sensitive I say watch out for the side effects. You said it earlier and I thought maybe you misspoke but you didn't. Prebiotics versus probiotics. Prebiotics are kind of like the food for the probiotics. Probiotics need to be fed and the prebiotics are dandelion greens, garlic, bananas. They help feed the probiotics and they colonize that good gut bacteria. These are vitamins? Supplements. I personally like to tell my patients to get their prebiotics from the foods but you can get it from a supplement. Thanks so much. Lara, now you have some skin care secrets with Dr. Bowe. Dr. Bowe is here with a lot of stuff. We're going to talk about this year's big beauty buy. I want to start with the lips. 2018 is all about lip serums, advanced nail solutions and heat free drying. We all remember lip plumpers. They kind of burned, the old ones. They temporarily added volume but did nothing to slow down the signs of aging and often left the lips dry and irritated. In 2018 keep an eye out for lip serums, specifically designed to care for the fragile, delicate tissue as well as the surrounding skin. These not only nourish, plump and hydrate the lips but smooth out fine lines that make our lipstick bleed. These are two of my favorite brands, under $50. Will they actually add a little plump? They do plump. Love that. Let's talk about nails. You talk about something like a nail holiday. A manicure holiday. I always used to encourage my patients to take a manicure holiday every couple of months to prevent their nails from getting dry and brittle and that meant they had to go Polish free for one to two weeks. Now you can rest and repair your nails without sacrificing a manicure. There are nail strengthening formulas that come in gorgeous shades but decrease peeling and breakage in one week. I'm actually wearing one of my favorite shades called sheers to you which is perfect for the new year. Yes. I'm a big fan. $10. When we look for Essie, what are -- Look for tlc. That's the line. It's a single coat. Love that. Now the hair. Zoe, our brave girl today. Rocking her turban. High tech hair drying. When hair is wet, any harsh rubbing or overheating can break fragile strands. There's a generation of hair towels specifically engineered to dry hair quickly and gently without causing frizz or damage. They're made with microfiber technology and these ultra fine fibers. They wick away moisture with zero friction. It cuts down drying time by 50%. These are $30. You might still need to smooth but this will get your hair -- You can blow dry a little bit but much less heat is needed. Great tips. Thank you. Thank you guys. You can get more healthy tips on our website, on Yahoo!.

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{"id":52081307,"title":"Rejuvenation nation: Expert health and wellness tips to kick off the new year ","duration":"5:40","description":"Dr. Whitney Bowe and dietitian Maya Feller share their top tips for how to get healthy from the inside out in 2018. ","url":"/GMA/video/rejuvenation-nation-expert-health-wellness-tips-kick-off-52081307","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}