'Remake America' Series Aims to Help Unemployed

Tory Johnson explains how she is helping one man to find a new job.
1:44 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Remake America' Series Aims to Help Unemployed
The reality is -- she is hard work and I understand it was a really bitter pill for him to swallow after sixteen years. With one employer to be given that pink slip but the longer that you hold onto the bitterness the harder it is to find work so my number one goal is to help. -- to Britain just. Let's move on let's just move on -- -- you know what he's he's -- better he's got an interview tomorrow so I'm very excited about -- And fingers are definitely crossed for that and and not just for him but for all the families as you said you know there are six different families that -- working with tackling the issues that matter most to Americans. Right now and it's a weekly theories that you'll find only on Yahoo! so what are the kinds of problems you look at. So we're looking at. Job loss obviously lost to the small business. All kinds of money and financial issues health issues our own doctor rich investors potentially nasty tackle a lot of the medical problems. A financial expert -- -- he's gonna be in their tackling all the money matters to whether it's losing a home -- figuring out how you're gonna pay your bills every month there's. All the stuff that the Yahoo! community at the -- GMA community -- -- so great about once you get -- online everyone can join an online and head. Yes yes and that's what we are expecting that everybody can participate that every once part of the dialogue to both benefit and large as well as contribute advice ideas inspiration and that's that's -- ultimately these problems are gonna get solved he said -- were laid off. I -- want to keep the got you back. -- were sent punching bag -- -- I know what standing at the ATM machine -- there's no money so like snap out of it get a job or or else. John etc. -- that interview tomorrow we're awful and and all you don't conjoined to remake to make it the remake America conversation. I'm Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo.com.

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{"id":15876287,"title":"'Remake America' Series Aims to Help Unemployed","duration":"1:44","description":"Tory Johnson explains how she is helping one man to find a new job.","url":"/GMA/video/remake-america-series-aims-unemployed-15876287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}