Report Urges Colleges to Change Application Process

A Harvard-based group is calling for colleges to change the application process to give greater importance to applicants' community involvement.
2:39 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Report Urges Colleges to Change Application Process
We're talking about a big change that could be coming to college admissions. More than 50 well-known universities have endorsed a new report encouraging schools to focus pore on community service, less on test scores and juju is here with the details. It includes the entire ivy league. Elite universities. It's called turing the tide aimed at ratcheting down the pressure in the frenzied college application game. Instead of massive resume padding, the educators are hoping to shift the emphasis away from personal achievement and more towards a new kind of personal service. It's no secret college applications seems scarier than ever. A recent study showing teens even more stressed out than adults. This morning, a new report released by the Harvard based group making caring common is trying to tackle the issue. The report endorsed by more than 50 colleges including the entire ivy league says the teens are taught to emphasize personal success rather than concern for others. Achievement is clearly important but it what is to be balanced with concern for others and concern for the common good. We can't just reward those who achieve. Reporter: Changing the college application process, they say, would send a strong message to young people. This is the first time in history that colleges have banded together across the country and said that ethical character is important. Reporter: In fact, mit, one of the report's endorsers has already begun to make changes. You changed your essay question to involve community as opposed to some sort of achievement highlight. That's right. We want to know how have you affected those around you and made those around you better? Because that's important. Reporter: The report calling for reducing the number of ap classes and extracurricular activities, even making some S.A.T. Scores optional. Sherry's son Chris is shooting for Harvard. Captain of the track and debate teams he volunteers oodles of hours and takes five ap classes. Do you worry about the toll that the stress takes on kids? Yeah, I do worry about it. He doesn't sleep. You see fatigue. You shouldn't see that on a teenager. I don't know if he knows how to have a good time. I'm hoping he knows what that means. I know. Could you imagine making S.A.T.S or A.C.T.S optional? Only a few colleges are considering it. Should have done that 30 years ago. It signals how revolutionary these changes are and they're really hoping to have an effect. Kids who thinking about getting into college they think about it so early they are under so much stress. Pie kid is a freshman and already talking about his high school resume. I said, I forbid you to use that phrase. That's too much. Good change. Thanks for bringing that to us. Over to Amy. Well now to a story that

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"A Harvard-based group is calling for colleges to change the application process to give greater importance to applicants' community involvement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36395535","title":"Report Urges Colleges to Change Application Process ","url":"/GMA/video/report-urges-colleges-change-application-process-36395535"}