Republican National Convention Faces Delayed Start

George Stephanopoulos, Jon Karl have the latest GOP news.
3:00 | 08/26/12

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Transcript for Republican National Convention Faces Delayed Start
Let's bring in "this week's" george stephanopoulos. What does this mean for the republican party, this delay? All of the speakers are going to get to speak. The networks were covering tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights in primetime. They have had a tough run-up to this collection. Isaac is taking up lot of attention. It will continue to take up attention during this political hurricane over todd akin, the congressman running for senate out in missouri. Starting on tuesday night and refocus the attention of the public on the economy, on mitt romney and who he is. What does he need to do to get back on message? Number one, and number two and number three, talk about the economy. Focus the attention of the country on that again. But he also has to forge a real personal connection with voters and convince them even if they don't like him more than president obama, that he is the right person to believe in. Clearly, ann romney is going to play an important role in this election. Warm him up, brings some insight into what life is like with mitt romney. Understand his values. Make them understand that he will fight for them as president. George, a very busy man the next few days. Let's get down to tampa now, our jon karl is inside the convention, the republicans who have arrived, how much a disruption this is going to be with the storm barrelling toward them. You have four full days of convention planning that will have to be squeezed into three days. The organizers say, they're still going to fit that entire schedule into the three days. You can bet some people will have shorter speeches than expected and some people won't get a chance to speak at all. Some disappointment on the part of delegates, this is the biggest political party in the universe over four years for these folks. I would imagine among the republicans, there might be a little bit of gloom? Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't go that far. But, look, they'll have less of a convention. 75% of what they expected. They'll be competing for news coverage with a massive tropical storm/hurricane. This happened four years ago. Their hurricane was in st. Paul, minnesota, they had to cancel the first day because hurricane gustav hit down here. Jon karl, you mentioned one other minor headache, with all of the rain coming in the umbrellas that aren't allowed in the convention hall for security concerns. Reminder, george, will be kicking off our convention coverage later on "this week." GOVERNOR bob McDonnell and the head of the democratic national convention. And antonio villaraigosa. That's our political coverage for the morning.

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{"id":17081910,"title":"Republican National Convention Faces Delayed Start","duration":"3:00","description":"George Stephanopoulos, Jon Karl have the latest GOP news.","url":"/GMA/video/republican-national-convention-faces-delayed-start-17081910","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}