Rep. Todd Akin Stands Firm, Won't Drop Out

Embattled GOP congressman refuses to quit after controversial comments on abortion.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Rep. Todd Akin Stands Firm, Won't Drop Out
We'll have the latest on the gop senate candidate who stirred up a political hornet's nest, with his comments on abortion and rape. Congressman todd akin has apologized for what he said but is refusing to back out of his senate race, despite the pleas of top republicans, including mitt romney. Abc's jon karl starts us off with where things stand right now. Good morning, jon. Reporter: Good morning, george. The republican party chairman is telling him to drop out. More than a dozen republican senators are telling him to drop out. Even mitt romney wants him to go. But todd akin is digging in, one man against the entire republican party. He's the guy who just can't take a hint. After apologizing over and over again for his comments on, quote, legitimate rape, todd akin is now saying his comments have been blown out of proportion. I misspoke one word and one sentence in one day and everything changed overnight. The liberal media was sharpening their long knives. Reporter: Not the liberals. It's conservatives who aren't buying it. The republican party chairman is even saying akin won't be welcome at next week's republican convention. He ought to step aside and really put your country first and give someone an opportunity in this race that's going to have a better chance of winning. Reporter: The list of leading republicans, including tea party groups and conservative activists, demanding akin to quit goes on and on, all the way up to mitt romney. This man has said something that's totally inappropriate and offensive. Reporter: About the only person who said akin should stay in the race, is his democratic OPPONENT, claire McCaskill. What's startling to me is that these party big wigs are coming down on him and saying that he needs to kick sand in the face of the republican primary voters. Reporter: Mccaskill knows what republicans know. Against akin, she almost certainly wins. Republicans missed one deadline when akin decided not to drop out yesterday. But gop leaders say it is not too late. He still -- they can still replace him and print new ballots as long as he gets out BY SEPTEMBER 25th. Another deadline coming up. Congressman akin joins us

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{"id":17055731,"title":"Rep. Todd Akin Stands Firm, Won't Drop Out","duration":"3:00","description":"Embattled GOP congressman refuses to quit after controversial comments on abortion.","url":"/GMA/video/republican-representative-todd-akin-stands-firm-wont-drop-17055731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}