Are Republicans Willing to Bend on No New Tax Pledge?

Both sides are set to meet with business leaders as the "fiscal cliff" approaches.
2:44 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Are Republicans Willing to Bend on No New Tax Pledge?
fiscal cliff. Over a month to go before everyone's taxes go up. Both sides set to meet with business leaders this week. The company will take his campaign on the road, too, as more republicans appear willing to bend on their no new taxes pledge. Jon karl is in washington. Even though the president has been calling congressional leaders, they haven't made enough progress for another face-to-face negotiation. Reporter: There's no face-to-face meeting even scheduled now between the president and congressional leaders. But I can tell you that high-level talks with staff are intensifying, with time running out. And republicans are expressing a newfound willingness to compromise on that long-standing republican pledge never to raise taxes. The pledge was designed -- Reporter: Meet the anti-tax enforcer. The man behind the pledge. Grover norquist. Republicans who vote for a tax increase are rat heads in a coke bottle. They damage the brand for everyone else. Reporter: Ronald reagan was part of the first pledge. And no republican has been elected without signing that no tax increase pledge. How many of these things have been signed? Pledges? Reporter: Yes. Thousands over the years. Reporter: He keeps them all on file. Here's john boehner's pledge, signed 20 years ago. If somebody signed this 10 years ago, 18 years ago, 20 years ago, are they still bound by it? When you got married, did you wife think there was an expiration date on that pledge? Reporter: He says anybody is doomed. But with the fiscal cliff just months away, and a re-elected barack obama insisting that tax increases must be part of any budget deal, key republicans are now talking about ditching the pledge. I'm not obligated on the pledge. I will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. Reporter: Even republicans who say they are willing to violate the pledge say they will only do so by closing loopholes, not by doing what the president wants to do, which is raising tax rates. So, the sides, still far apart. Meanwhile, we heard about susan rice, the ambassador going up to capitol hill today, to meet with many ofer critics. And it does appear that some of the critics, at least senator john McCain, are softening their position just a bit. Reporter: Just a bit. She's going to go right into the lion's den. She's meeting not just with john McCAIN BUT WITH LINDSEY GRAHAM. Both said they would do anything in their power to stop her nomination. But with this meeting coming up, they have softened that a bit. But far short of saying they would support her for secretary of state. Now, to a recommendation by the nation's leading group of

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{"id":17816487,"title":"Are Republicans Willing to Bend on No New Tax Pledge?","duration":"2:44","description":"Both sides are set to meet with business leaders as the \"fiscal cliff\" approaches.","url":"/GMA/video/republican-tax-pledge-gop-legislators-beginning-bend-tax-17816487","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}