Rescuers on Saving Family from Dangling Car

Ray Navarro and Greg Nuckols discuss the rescue of a mother and her daughters.
4:44 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for Rescuers on Saving Family from Dangling Car
Of the Santa Barbara County fire department -- of course by all the rescuers on hand. And -- again I want to Begin with you we should mention Charles Allison junior driver of that big -- Has plunged off the bridge he is in a fiery fiery accident down below and that BMW dangling from the side of that bridge this is the scene that you arrived to what was your first priority. Both first prior we have is life safety. And that for the firefighters as well for the occupants in the car. This was a complex. Situation with for instance in one. You mentioned the fire and tractor trailer. We had the vehicle. Whether its occupants dangling on the bridge and a hazardous materials. Released downstream. Very difficult. -- to manage and and first of all. Just the teamwork. Member standing behind me. There's so spectacular and what they do it and encourage their abilities and skills. It all came together. In that moment and we focused on rescuing those inside the trapped vehicle. -- integrate these are staggering pictures to see. Greg knuckles you're actually leaning over the railing they're looking into the car you're talking to the mother. And to -- the ten year old daughter the mother's feet Kelly gross feet actually dangling. Out of the car what was she saying to you. She was seeing. Get -- and my children out here she was very scared. And checks there rumors saying she wanted to ask you get a -- over -- -- articulate -- we just don't have that type of equipment. And I just here are -- being calm and patient your fingers she was a really strong woman. And she was very supportive for children is very cooperative. How much time to at this point do you think you have to get the three of them out of that car. Well I just want to say that. It took a long time -- -- start the operation -- due to stabilize vehicles for certain. And the safety of our firefighters all tethered. From starts to the operation -- organize. The rescue operations into its components. Haven't done that. I believe it took about an hour and twenty minutes for the first person to be extricated from the vehicle. Very time consuming. And very. Meticulous in the way we had to work. In and around the vehicle it was businesses -- experience. And thank goodness. When I called for -- and ordered. Some support to help us. There is a commander -- he knows. As I looked up we had -- -- CD is there with their heavy lift. Forklift. Amazing. It was definitely a divine intervention at that point. It was an incredible stroke of luck when you were able to free all three after some two and a half hours very quickly. What did Kelly -- -- the. Kelly growth she basically just said think -- and she was really happy to be free quite frankly she was. Concerned about her husband -- -- concern about her baby. And her -- Her ten year old that was -- main -- she also want us to contact her husband. Again Kelly and ten year old -- airlifted to a Santa Barbara area hospital which amazingly ten week old Milo was. Almost not a scratch again Greg knuckles -- rain tomorrow and that entire team behind you thank you so much. For your --

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{"id":15370152,"title":"Rescuers on Saving Family from Dangling Car","duration":"4:44","description":"Ray Navarro and Greg Nuckols discuss the rescue of a mother and her daughters.","url":"/GMA/video/rescuers-saving-family-dangling-car-15370152","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}