Researchers Dress Up as Bears to Help Pandas

Researchers are dressing in panda costumes to help raise cubs.
3:04 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Researchers Dress Up as Bears to Help Pandas
-- one of nature's most fragile species and for years researchers -- those -- long panda research center in such one China. Have worked hard to help them bounce back from being nearly extinct. There's like Teddy bears it. Recently -- long adopted an unusual new unit to help them in their work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I have what do you make of it that's funny I can -- hey you know whatever works right they may be the only scientist in the world who dressed up. Like Teddy bears through like a giant Halloween customer. Black and white fluffy costumes at the tailor made for loan complete with -- you. Her. A silly outfit serving as serious purpose and -- completely -- To make no mistake me for a diagram this is how the researchers actually dress whenever they -- -- one -- their cubs. Even though no one but the panda bears is watching. This little guy is four months old today so think of this little seemed like working birthday party. Every month they measure him from snout to tail they take -- wait and other measurements. Understandably. He's slightly freaked out -- the attention from her companions. It's very difficult to see. -- -- -- -- A lot more -- from. The researchers -- dressed like this because they hope one day to release him into the wild. They don't want him to wrote to attach to humans -- -- they go about it so earnestly. -- they -- and you know I think it's it's an interesting way of knowing about that. I feel that. They still can smell a person no matter what they look like but I think it's a -- step in the right direction. You think it'll help those -- if and when there ever released into the La Hoya the last. Human contact they have the better chance we'll have when they get released the conservation -- John Muir famously cautioned. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. For the long they'd take blending in. To a -- left. I'm not sure those who really fools anybody but if it gives the young pandas and comfort well so much the better. And it certainly makes the assignment. A bit more colorful David Wright ABC news. At the -- long panda research center in Sichuan China. Okay president. You know those pandas like Oklahoma and I think it's easy you know but it's getting -- the latest in. They ran out of suits and so David. Photographer. And editor for the crew yet they were treat and mom are yes so -- chemical producers had to -- -- -- cat won't be. I really hold on all of the moving train holding accounts. I have left -- wrap -- It's -- much more on this on Nightline tonight after your local news.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Researchers are dressing in panda costumes to help raise cubs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15039625","title":"Researchers Dress Up as Bears to Help Pandas","url":"/GMA/video/researchers-dress-bears-pandas-15039625"}