Some Restaurants' Meals Load Diners With Calories

Keri Glassman reveals popular food chains' menus include some over-the-top calorie totals.
3:20 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Some Restaurants' Meals Load Diners With Calories
Five restaurants singled out for extreme eating awards. They can pack them with calories. These are way over the stop. Sherry glassman, the author of the new you and improved diet. My heart looks looking at this plate. And people actually order this. Where is that from? This is from ihop. This is the country fried steak. If you drank the night before, you might want steak in the morning. Fried eggs and two butter milk pancakes. This is the worst combination of unhealthy fats and refined ca carbohydrates you can have. This is like having five egg McMUFFINS WITH TEN TEASPOONS OF Sugar on top of it. Can we show everybody? 1,760 calories for breakfast. Ihop has responded. We have menu items that fits their lifestyle. This doesn't fit anyone's lifestyle. Johnny rocket's right here, right? This wasn't enough for breakfast and you want to go for a big lunch, we have a double bacon cheeseburger here. Four slices of bacon. And we have the sweet potato fries. Aren't they healthier? I don't think you're getting the vitamin a when they're deep-fried like that. And the big apple shake. It has a full slice of apple pie mixed in it. They're going out of their way to make this as decadent as possible. They pulverize a slice of apple pie and put it in? And if you want to go for a stroll after lunch, you have to walk for four to five hours. 3,500 calories. That's more calories than many people need. Many people in two days. Wow. That's something. Johnny rocket's responded. They say johnny rockets is well-known for hamburgers, fries and shakes, there are other menu options for those who have specific dietary needs or have made a new year's resolution. If you're tempted. We showed this before. Supermac and cheese. This is the deep dish macaroni and three cheese. We don't just stop at cheese here. They don't just stop at cheese. Three cheeses. Don't think you're going meat-free. The alfredo sauce in here has chicken fat in it. And it's topped with the ritz cracker toppings. There's two days' worth of sodium and three days' of saturated fat. 1,980 calories. Chicago grill has responded. We offer our guests both nutritious and indulgent great-tasting food choices. All of them are offering plenty of choices on the menu. That's their right. Absolutely. But they are. They're transparent. But we shouldn't necessarily go for those choices. Know what you're getting. Be aware. Keri glassman, thanks very much. Let's go over to sam. I have barbara and mary with

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{"id":18238035,"title":"Some Restaurants' Meals Load Diners With Calories","duration":"3:20","description":"Keri Glassman reveals popular food chains' menus include some over-the-top calorie totals.","url":"/GMA/video/restaurants-meals-load-diners-calories-18238035","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}