Retailers Beefing Up Holiday Security

"Flash Robs" causing retailers to extra precautions this holiday season.
2:01 | 10/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Retailers Beefing Up Holiday Security
We've all seen videos of flash mobs -- now they're taking a sinister turn they're being called flash -- And they have retailer stepping up security here's ABC's TJ Winick. This is the threat. Massive crowd many teenagers swarming the business this case -- Washington DC convenience store it's called a flash raw. In some cases. These folks whole -- man overwhelmed store employees especially at night. Get -- and get out very quickly according to The National Retail Federation slash -- were reported by 10% of the retailers it surveyed in July. With the holiday shopping season just around the corner many fear that number could spike during the holidays we -- large numbers of shoppers in the store. And shoplifting can be disguised just -- that volume of customers. The Schwab is the criminal cousin of the flash mob. Spontaneous gatherings organized over Twitter. Or texting like this choreographed dance routine. Flash -- are also would open invite not to entertain but to break the law. That's why for the first time the retail federation is giving its members' advice on how to guard against a flash robbery. First maintain low levels of cash in the store. Next monitor social networks and web sites for indications that groups will be descending on a store. Finally worker should alert managers they see unusually large gatherings of people inside or Berkeley outside the stores. In Philadelphia about three dozen boys swarmed a suburban Sears in June. Making off with thousands of dollars in sneakers socks and pretty much anything else they could carry. Series of flash robberies in that city this past summer. -- the mayor to impose a 9 PM curfew one weekend. For Good Morning America TJ -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":14795878,"title":"Retailers Beefing Up Holiday Security","duration":"2:01","description":"\"Flash Robs\" causing retailers to extra precautions this holiday season. ","url":"/GMA/video/retailers-beefing-holiday-security-14795878","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}