Retailers Expect $46 Billion in Returns

Shoppers are expected to return 4 percent more goods than they did in 2010.
3:21 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Retailers Expect $46 Billion in Returns
It's a day after Christmas -- -- sat and it could be a record day for retailers' expectations that -- that more than 46. Billion dollars and gets could be returned just today. That's a 4% jump from last year. GMA technology contributor Becky Worley is live via Skype -- Becky good morning to you good to have you here and you know when we talk about returning things one of the biggest things we deal with this is quote restocking fee. Which can be 10% of the original purchase price what is -- exactly. Well these are especially. Common around electronics. These are fees levied when the boxes are -- she and what we're actually seeing is that he's restocking fees are beating a bit. Best buy has canceled their restocking fee. Target has done the same Amazon it's a little bit more complicated. They have some on items like software dvds that are open and especially with their merchants that have -- restocking fee but with open -- computers. No restocking fee and now Elizabeth when we're talking about returns -- -- to be giving you some protests throughout this segment the first one is bringing an ID when you take your items back to prevent -- tried many of these retailers are tracking people's retirements and they wanna tie your I teach your return. That's -- first pro tip we also have this window of time believe he can return these gifts and in some cases -- consumers have cut that window of time. Pretty significantly. Its. Yet the good news is the restocking fees abating the bad news is that these windows for return especially on electronics -- talking about electronic -- gotten shorter. Target 45 days down from ninety. Wal-Mart generally ninety day return period -- -- dean on electronics. Toys 'R' Us 45 -- and at best -- they just a kind of and given a grace period for -- -- was given around Christmas is -- you don't know when it was purchased so January 24 is the cutoff day you know either the pro -- here is that you really have to be on this and do it quick and -- does return policies be -- -- on our website. And very quickly technology nobody likes to go into a store -- seen at a -- -- full price now on sale you can now take advantage of that sale price using some maps. -- price matching policies now can be tracked by apps and web site so on your cell phone you can download something called sliced. This we'll check your email for any receipts and then tell you if there's -- a price drop from what you -- -- does the same thing that you take a picture of the receipt -- and then there's also website that does -- -- price protector and it's not a -- there's -- -- and she didn't track your purchases and let you know if they've gone down -- you can go to the -- to the retailer and get any -- of the difference and so many of -- love to shop online and makes so much easier for the holidays but returning seems to be a bigger headache is that still the case. -- couple quick things here you can generally go back to a brick and mortar -- to -- bought it online and return it in the store the notable exception -- sports authority for some reason. You definitely should expect to pay for shipping when -- returning unless the product is defective what they say it the wrong one and if you want it processed quickly go to the website and print out a return label that have a bar code on -- to get -- processed much faster than that they have to actually open it and look at what's in the. Which of course always makes the free shipping items and company so much more appealing when we're shopping online -- -- that -- we'll check back in with you later in the show -- -- find out what are that great deals to get today.

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{"id":15233247,"title":"Retailers Expect $46 Billion in Returns","duration":"3:21","description":"Shoppers are expected to return 4 percent more goods than they did in 2010.","url":"/GMA/video/retailers-expect-46-billion-returns-15233247","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}