Retired NFL QB Returns to Pros, Donates Salary

Jon Kitna will earn $53,000 as a reserve quarterback for one game with the Dallas Cowboys.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Retired NFL QB Returns to Pros, Donates Salary
And the story of a retired nfl QUARTERBACK TURNED@R(T&HáhP &HC The game. Using his return to the pros to give back. Dan harris, do explain. I love this story. Happy to explain. This sunday's game between dallas and philadelphia is a big one. It will decide who goes to the playoffs. There's one player and a whole bunch of kids who have already won. Jon kitna retired as a backup quarterback for the dallas cowboys in 2012, to teach math and coach football at his alma mater, lincoln high school, in tacoma, washington. I've been sitting around, trying to stay in shape. Hoping I could give it another shot. My career was done. I was happy with that. Reporter: This morning, the 41-year-old kitna is back with the boys for this sunday's backup quarterback, for this sunday's game against the philadelphia eagles. The winner goes to the playoffs. With the cowboys star quarterback, tony romo, questionable with an injury, dallas was looking for a backup to play behind their current reserve q.B., Kyle orton. I felt like, you know, i might be able to help in an emergency situation. Reporter: Sunday's game will earn the math teacher and coach, $50,000, just shy of an annual teacher's salary. A salary kitna will donate to the high school. The dallas cowboys told abc news, we're very proud of the type of person he is. He stands for all the right things. And he does all the right things. It's not really a surprise he's taking the money and giving all of it to us because he always -- he is always doing stuff for the school. Reporter: Kitna played in the nfl for 15 years, earning millions of dollars. But today, the kids of lincoln high are his priority. The kids are graduating from high school. And doing well academically, which is the most important thing for kids at the high school level. That's been good. Reporter: Regardless of whether kitna even throws a pass this sunday, he has already scored a touchdown of sorts, for the kids at his school. Even though kitna's 41, which i personally find very heartening, and even though as you heard him say in the piece, he's not been actively training to get back in the game, he is in pretty good shape. And if he needs to, he could take the field. And he thinks he could pull off a big play. I would love to see that. Again, it would mean injuries to others. But it's -- it's a great story. The only way he gets on the field is if other people -- let's root for a minor injury. Okay. A pulled hammy. Everybody wins. All right, dan. Thank you. Wishing him the best.

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{"id":21346366,"title":"Retired NFL QB Returns to Pros, Donates Salary","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Kitna will earn $53,000 as a reserve quarterback for one game with the Dallas Cowboys.","url":"/GMA/video/retired-cowboys-quarterback-jon-kitna-returns-nfl-donates-21346366","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}