Retired Space Shuttle Endeavor to Reach Final Resting Place

Brandi Hitt follows the famous shuttle as it reaches end of retirement tour.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Retired Space Shuttle Endeavor to Reach Final Resting Place
In the city that practically perfected the high-speed chase and the low-speed chase, by o.J. Simpson, this morning, another slow-mo endeavor. "Endeavour" is going to its museum. It's drawing thousands of people into the streets, including abc's brandi hitt. Brandi, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. What a magnificent sight upclose. You can see the back end of the shutting over my shoulder. What's reall interesting is the large southern california crowd that continues to follow it every step of the way, to its final home. Oh. Reporter: The place known for high-speed chases has a slow-speed attraction for lots of fans. I'm seeing history in the making. We have booster ignition and liftoff. Reporter: The space shuttle "endeavour" has traveled 123 million miles at speeds of 17,000 miles per hour. Now, it's cruising, or crawling through los angeles, at just two. It is perfect. It's rough and beat up. You can tell it's been somewhere. Reporter: "Endeavour" is ready to go where no shuttle has gone before, its new home at the california science center. But getting home is no small feat. "Endeavour" has piggybacked three flights to l.A. Now, it's passing through winding roads and sharp turns. With a 78-foot wingspan, hundreds of trees had to be cut so it could clear the roads. Power lines were raised to make room for its tail. There's going to be congestion on the streets. Plan ahead. Reporter: It's a 12-mile trip taking 2 days. And a commute that, frankly, many in los angeles understand. There's no question, this trip is a massive pass. This morning they had to put the shuttle on dollies and pull it with a pickup truck. And it comes with a hefty price tag. An estimated $10 million. A first-class endeavor, that will help the shuttle fit in as the newest star in tinseltown. Another interesting note, guys. Crews had to lay down roughly two dozen sheets of steel on the road. "Endeavour" is ready to wrap up its final leg home later today. Dan and bianna? People wanted to text and drive behind it. But they can't. Now, it's time for the weather and back over to ginger.

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{"id":17470184,"title":"Retired Space Shuttle Endeavor to Reach Final Resting Place","duration":"3:00","description":"Brandi Hitt follows the famous shuttle as it reaches end of retirement tour.","url":"/GMA/video/retired-space-shuttle-endeavor-reach-final-resting-place-17470184","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}