Revenge of the 40-Year-Old Actresses

Top female earners in Hollywood defy system obsessed with younger women.
2:43 | 06/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Revenge of the 40-Year-Old Actresses
Test Text1 italics Sandra bullock. melissa McCarthy, jennifer lopez. Cameron diaz. A-list stars with one thing in common. They're all over 40 in hollywood. They also have in common they look incredible. To put this trend in hollywood terms it's the revenge of the 40-year-old actresses. IS 40 THE NEW 20s HERE'S ABC'S Rachel smith. Reporter: Goldie hawn pointed out -- they're are only three ages in hollywood, babe, district attorney and driving misdaisy. Reporter: Turning 40 used to mean early retirement for most hollywood actresses, now that can't be further from the truth. A group of women have been in spotlight and they have arrived IN THEIR 40s WITH ENOUGH Leverage and clout to demand they still get lead roles. Reporter: Call it the revenge of the over-40 actress. There are a lot of great talents in the pool over 40. Reporter: Rumors circulated that penelope cruz was cast as the next bond girl. Talking about casting someone opt opposite of daniel craig, have an extraordinary woman someone in his age range to play the girl. Reporter: Studios are rewriting roles originally e meant for men. Jayson bateman went to the premiere for bridesmaid and he SAW melissa McCarthy's career-changing role. He called the producer the next morning and let's rewrite this movie for a woman. Reporter: The heat starring alongside her over 40 counterpart sandra bullock. You want to go out? We'll take you out. Reporter: It's expected to be a huge box office draw. But why now? Why are these women over 40 taking back hollywood? I think the fact that over-40 women is a big factor. They're no longer expected to look matronly. Gwyneth paltrow on the red carpet for iran man, it's like, oh, my, she's 40? Reporter: For "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. We just saw the video of sandra bullock. She's 48 years old. Approaching 50. She looks incredible. She does. Coming up here on the broadcast -- check out this young woman about to live every

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{"id":19358618,"title":"Revenge of the 40-Year-Old Actresses","duration":"2:43","description":"Top female earners in Hollywood defy system obsessed with younger women.","url":"/GMA/video/revenge-40-year-actresses-19358618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}