'The Revolution' Hosts Dish on Series Premiere

Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak join co-hosts on "GMA" to explain their new show.
2:53 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Revolution' Hosts Dish on Series Premiere
It's an exciting day for our ABC family the new daytime show of the revolution. Finally premieres we've been talking about -- it premieres this afternoon and features a dream team really experts and providing tips and tools to help transform your life. We talked Ty Pennington on Friday and now we've got him gotten the styled group we have celebrity trainer my -- -- -- trainer. I got to act. Women's health expert doctor Jennifer Ashton and -- -- Doctor Tiffany Davis Henry all here to give us a little sampling of what's in store let me ask you ten. What can we expect from the revolution -- frankly it's one stop shopping for a lifestyle make over a flurry of clothing and keep it simple word dream team we also -- That I believe in terms of style. New year new you -- in -- -- and I it was a little sampling of your advice. Well I'm all about some essential items that should be in every woman's closet and I'll just take a few of them on forward arsenic today classic white church a -- -- Scourge of her breast cancer can make some maps -- and you can go anywhere where in the side of. And probably some pinstripes on just how you and they absolutely say I got here really -- part of the revelation. Eileen in terms of health and nutrition simple exercises that women can really do -- all give us an example. Well first of all get a comfortable pair of shoes if -- comfortable here's -- comfortable you'll be more tempted to walk that extra block. Take the extra flight of stairs and do simple things like this were sitting on accounts. I'm gonna stand up sit back down. Every time we're gonna watch GMA and -- my GMA mug and I watch the revolution -- you sit on without ever -- your butt and thighs. And ladies you guys we'll tackle health issues mental health and real health issues -- you got well -- -- Harley and I worked -- the very closely because obviously so much of health and wellness overlaps with nutrition -- fitness but I really say the trifecta. Of health good health starts with. Resting your body well focusing on sleep. Feeding your body while focusing on nutrition and moving your body while focusing on fitness and I love it and it really is one stop shopping and I can tell off camera there's a lot of -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- met how has it been getting ready and preparing to really change women's lives over people's lives and shoots it. You know what it's been overwhelmingly amazing. Nowhere else on daytime. Will you give all of this -- really -- one stop shopping we feel like superheroes is coming to the rescue and really helping everyday woman if she -- women -- the year most -- the streets like the league justice yeah yeah. And then -- yeah. Or else that I had not leave him and got Blair writes that justice league of daytime television yes. -- Superman wonder -- now let's -- I don't know I -- Their lives a few you have -- and climate natural. You'll find New Year's resolutions tips from the cast them a revolution on GM -- Dot com on got him.

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{"id":15370798,"title":"'The Revolution' Hosts Dish on Series Premiere","duration":"2:53","description":"Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak join co-hosts on \"GMA\" to explain their new show.","url":"/GMA/video/revolution-hosts-dish-series-premiere-15370798","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}