Rice Recounts When Bush Could Have Been Poisoned

Condoleezza Rice tells the story of an unnerving moment a few weeks after 9/11.
1:26 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Rice Recounts When Bush Could Have Been Poisoned
You're talking with the days following 9/11 it was actually moment reunion deputy regiment been poisoned ourselves I was saying you report. -- -- White House sensors. Sensed botulism toxin which is saying. Nerve agent that it is always -- It was October 2001 President Bush had just arrived in China for -- summit -- We weren't Shanghai actually planned the vice president came on -- screen and sent that. The White House detectors have detected -- excellent and -- them and we were all. Post was exposed -- -- -- guy he says yes he said that and I remember everybody just sort of freezing in the presence saying almost up. -- -- -- -- And including the present because the exposure time. Would have meant that we were all exposed. Rice's deputy said they'd run tests that that would take 24. Hours he said let me put it this way. If the mice are feet. Up we're toast -- the mice at the town where time. We'll wait a second for 24 hours -- enough the president is important for 24 hours we were in Chiang -- -- -- the results of this test. About noon the next day -- -- lunch and in China I. Captain on the phone he -- the -- that -- down. I went back to the president and I said. The mice -- feet down and -- that's good thing I'm sure the Chinese college got a translation thought it was some sort of code.

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"Condoleezza Rice tells the story of an unnerving moment a few weeks after 9/11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856610","title":"Rice Recounts When Bush Could Have Been Poisoned","url":"/GMA/video/rice-recounts-bush-poisoned-14856610"}