Richie Incognito Slammed by Former Teammate

Other players start to speak out about the Miami Dolphins player suspended for bullying.
3:00 | 11/09/13

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Transcript for Richie Incognito Slammed by Former Teammate
begin this half hour with new developments in the bullying scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. A former teammate of richie incognito is speaking out, painting an unflatteri iing portrait of the suspended player. Reporter: This story has so many layers, it continues to develop. News broke as dolphins star, richie incognito, allegedly bullying jonathan martin, leaving racially-charged text messages and voicemails. Martin allegedly checked himself into the hospital before leaving the team. And now, the future of both players is in the air. Richie incognito, arrived friday in los angeles, amid the pressure of a bullying scandal that could cost him his job. I'm not going to make comments at this time. Reporter: An onslaught of media greeting him at l.A.X., including abc's miami affiliate, wplg. Incognito offered a steady stream of -- no comment. Reporter: Including when asked about his teammate and target of his alleged bullying, jonathan martin. Are you hear to meet with jonathan martin? I'm not going to make a comment. Are you going to apologize in any way. I'm walking through the airport. I understand. Are you here to meet with him? Reporter: Martin was seen leaving his parents' home, where he's preparing to meet with the nfl investigator next week. As for incognito's plan. This is not the time or place for a comment. Reporter: Incognito may not be answering questions. But this morning, a teammate is. A lot of fights during practice. Disrespect. Not personable. A guy I didn't think was a great locker room person. Or a guy I wanted to respect or be a part of. Reporter: Cleland said incognito had trouble getting along in the st. Louis rams locker room. Fighting with teammates all the time. We're all alpha males. You have to find a way to co-exist. And he never really co-existed very well. Reporter: While some players have expressed sympathy for martin, others feel it's incognito that's being unfairly punished. We feel he's getting a bad rap out of all of this. We know what kind of guy he is. And we want everybody else to know that same thing. Reporter: The nfl is investigating. As for jonathan martin, he remains on the dolphins' roster. He is eligible to return. But will be meeting with an independent investigator to share details of his story later this week. He's been compiling a list. Divided opinions on these are fascinating. It is. He has a lot of locker room support. But the lion share of folks look at the racial slurs he has used and say -- unacceptable. Nonetheless, not the kind of headlines the dolphins want to be making. Exactly. Especially when you have a game in a couple days. Time for a check of the

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{"id":20838288,"title":"Richie Incognito Slammed by Former Teammate","duration":"3:00","description":"Other players start to speak out about the Miami Dolphins player suspended for bullying.","url":"/GMA/video/richie-incognito-slammed-teammate-20838288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}