Woman Allegedly Tried to Frame Husband for Ricin Letters

Shannon Richardson charged in connection to poisoned letters sent to Obama, NYC mayor.
3:30 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Woman Allegedly Tried to Frame Husband for Ricin Letters
We'll turn from that to a woman arrest ford framing her husband after she sent poison letters to the president. That is the turn we're making now. Serious turn, because we had a chance to speak with the husbands after he was framed. He's here with that now. Dan? I have covered a lot of cases, sometimes where a spouse alleges he or she was framed for the other but sending notes laced with ricin to the mayor of new york and the president? Now imagine you're that guy, overnight I spoke to nathaniel richardson whose wife shannon has been charged with a federal crime accused of mailing threatening communications to the president. Three letters lace with the deadly toxin included ominous threats against support es of gun control, immediately raisings fears of domestic terrorism and sending off a tense manhunt. Now to the new details to the poison plot, wlers ricin. Reporter: But within days, a major tip. Shannon, a pregnant wife and mother of five in texas, allegedly tells investigators she's found the key ingredient to make ricin in her home. Police say she immediately points the finger at her husband, nathan richardson. Overnight investigators accident on the home. Richardson brought in for questioning, denies any involvement. But rather than arresting him, police begin to focus on her. 35i-year-old aspiring actress whose had bit parts in "the vampire diaries" and the walking dead. A week larry shannon is taken away in handcuffs. When you first heard that your wife had implicated you, what did you think? I had theories of she wanted to get her face out there and also she wanted to destroy me. Reporter: You think part of why she may have done this is to get publicity? She wanted to be an actress. She really did. Reporter: Any signs that she was capable of something like this? Besides that she's very intelligent, not really. Reporter: Just out of nowhere? Your wife points the finger at you as the ricin guy? Nowhere? No hints? No suggestions? Nothing that comes to mind. I mean, if I would have saw something earlier on, that i thought would point to anything this dangerous I would have blown the whistle on that a long time ago. Reporter: You think that your wife knew your view on guns and president obama and mayor bloomberg and then -- actually didn't even know mayor bloomberg. I thought it was chris christie. Reporter: Why hasn't he been ruled out then as a possible suspect? There is a small amount of time when the orders for lye and the castor beans and those things supposedly occurred, nathan was at home. Reporter: Are you angry at her right now? No. Reporter: You're not angry? How can you not be angry? The way I look at it, being angry is a waste of energy. She has done this to herself. She's apparently alleging that nathan made her send the letters and overnight received a statement from shannon guess' attorney saying I've seen no evidence to even suggest that my client desired to hurt the president or any of the other individuals involved. She's incarcerated for the first time in her life. Her primary concern remains her children and the trauma they have experiencing.

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{"id":19389895,"title":"Woman Allegedly Tried to Frame Husband for Ricin Letters","duration":"3:30","description":"Shannon Richardson charged in connection to poisoned letters sent to Obama, NYC mayor.","url":"/GMA/video/ricin-letters-woman-allegedly-frame-husband-ricin-letters-19389895","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}